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Fox Watch 2018 – The Finale

Well, I knew this good thing would come to an end eventually! The foxes have moved on… right across the street! Lol. When we stopped seeing the Mama Fox out and about with her babies, I figured they moved into the undeveloped land about half a mile south of us. Especially once I started seeing the groundhog back in his usual spot, the foxes' den. But we ran into my neighbors across the street yesterday and they said the fox moved into their backyard! I'm a little afraid for the foxes though because the woman there has said she may call animal control on them. I hope she doesn't. These are healthy, happy foxes that run when people, even little kids, are around. They're not going to hurt anyone.

So here's hoping either animal control doesn't care or doesn't come, the woman doesn't call them, or the foxes move on.

Here's the last video I took of them in my backyard! If I ever see them again or catch them on video, I'll be sure to let you know.

See you all back here tomorrow!

S. J. Pajonas