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Writing Update – FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT Dates & Other WIPs

I promised a writing update today so here it is!

Today I should be done with principal copy edits on FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. This means I'm done with everything except: fixing a list of story inconsistencies, listening to the draft for proofreading, and formatting. Things always crop up in my final copy edits that I have to deal with. I'll find a character say one thing in a chapter and do the opposite two chapters later. Where is my brain? I don't know. I'm full of my own mistakes so there are bound to be mistakes in my books too. Regardless, I try to fix as many of them as possible between me and my beta readers and editors.

My plan is to finish copy edits today. Listen to the draft Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Format Tuesday and upload to retailers to get the publishing date squared away and preorder links. Off to ARC Readers and last proofreaders on Wednesday. Cover reveal and preorder links next Friday on the blog. I will be making teasers for FME for the month of May on Teaser Tuesdays, as well.

What's next with writing?

Well, I have a very busy May ahead of me which I'll talk about in the May Goals post on May 1st.

May 4-6th, I'll be in Chicago for the Sell More Books Show Summit.

May 12th, I have family in town for my youngest daughter's Communion.

The following week, I'll be publishing FME.

May 19th, I leave for 10 days in Japan! I'm so excited about my trip to Japan. I have a feeling many days in May will be spent planning out my trip and where I'm going and what I want to see. I'll update more on that in May, though.

So all of this is to say that writing in May will be sparse. What I'd like to do is finish the new first-in-series book I started in late February. With that under my belt, I'd like to move on to Daydreamer 5 in late May and then really write on it in June.

I have lots to do and I'm enjoying doing it which means you get a quality product from me in the end. Nothing is worse than writing under pressure or when you're not loving or inspired by the project. Readers can always tell when an author was just not feeling it.

I hope that answers any questions about my current work schedule. If I missed something you were hoping to hear about, drop your question in the comments or use the contact form to write me privately and I'll be sure to answer them.

S. J. Pajonas