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Fox Watch 2018 – Part 2

So I'm getting very little done around here now that I have a whole fox family living in my backyard. It's like a dream come true, honestly. They're the coolest and sweetest and funniest animals to watch, especially the kits. So much like dogs! They play with sticks and jump on each other and wrestle. And Mama Fox is teaching them how to hunt and find food too. Today, I'm heading out grocery shopping and I'll buy more eggs for the foxes. That'll be a nice addition to their diet!

Here's a video I uploaded to YouTube from the game camera. More are coming! I'm trying not to spend all my time making fox videos, though that's pretty much all I want to do. Lol. I still have editing and writing to do!

I hope to have one of the night videos edited and put on YouTube later today! It's cool watching them run around at night. That's usually when they're most active.

S. J. Pajonas