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April 2018 Goals

I'm publishing this a few days early since I'm going on vacation soon. March was one of the better months we've had here in a while. Everyone was illness free for the majority of the month, and though we had a lot of snow days, we still managed to make it through!

What Happened With March’s Goals?

Write something new! I did this! And so far, the writing is going well and I'm really enjoying myself. There's a lot going on in the publishing world right now that might make it difficult for me to publish this book, but we shall see. It'll be many months before I get around to it, and I have a feeling that the way I'm writing this will not cause any issues. Sorry for the vagueness, but everything is currently a mess anyway, so it's not like I can be specific.

Start playing around with Amazon Polly. I did this and quickly realized that this is just not something I want to do. I had Amazon Polly read to me the first scene of the first chapter of REMOVED. It took me a week of evenings to put it together and I don't LOVE it. It's fun, but not what I was hoping for. In the end, I'd rather spend time writing. So I'm going to make an MP3 of what I did and post it on the blog but that will be about it, and I won't be continuing down this path any further.

Update back matter in Nogiku Series. This is done. I accomplished this at the beginning of the month and now the back matter is consistent across REMOVED and all the Omnibuses. That was all I was willing to do right now.

Come up with a solid idea for Daydreamer 5. I came up with the kernel of an idea! I hope to solidify this next month.

Make it through this month. Made it! *blows on nails*

More of the same: walking, reading, knitting. Done, done, and done. I even finished a knit and started a new one!

A Look Back at March

Business Goals For April

Figure out what I have to do to be GDPR compliant. The vast majority of my readers are in the U.S. but I have a few in the E.U. There are a few updates I have to implement to my system for sending email updates to remain compliant to the GDPR which goes into effect in May. I will also be purging my email list of non-openers to hopefully decrease my liability. This will be a big confusing task, but it needs to be done.

Continue writing on new book. I'd like to continue writing on this book and finish it in April. I think I can do that.

Edit FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. I have some feedback from readers but most everything has been super positive so far. I don't expect any big changes. I plan to make a few corrections and get right on copy edits.

Schedule FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT for publication in May and update website with cover. When edits are done and the ARCs are off to readers and proofreaders, I will update the website and blog with all the information including the cover and purchase links. I plan to allow 2 weeks for preorders.

Produce any teasers or other promotional material for FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. I don't plan to do much here. Really, the most important thing is just writing and releasing.

Plot out beginning of Daydreamer 5. I plan to start writing this book in May sporadically. May is a VERY busy month with lots of travel including going to Japan so I'd like to be prepared.

Figure out how to sell direct from my website. With everything happening on Amazon, Apple, and more with the banning of sexual content, I want to start selling from my own website. I need to research how to do this this month.

Personal Goals For April

Keep away from sweets. Though I'm allowing myself to have some sweets during the day, my absolute cut-off is 7PM every day. I'm also staying away from alcohol during the week since it's usually full of sugar. I find that I'm sleeping a whole lot better if I have a good dinner, I'm done eating by 7PM, and I have nothing else sweet after. I think blood sugar has been keeping me awake at night, and this has so far been the case with my experiments. If I'm really craving something, I allow myself a cup of herbal tea in the evenings with a little non-caloric sweetener like monkfruit. I allow myself alcohol on the weekend or on vacation.

More of the same: walking, reading, knitting. Self-explanatory.

Hope you all have a great April!

S. J. Pajonas