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11 Years Ago Today…

I was going to write a post about how much I hate spammers because that's what I've been dealing with on this website the last three days, but instead, let's focus on something sweet and wonderful.

Today is my oldest daughter's 11th birthday! I remember when my husband and I got married, and I thought kids were a far off and distant thing for us. I couldn't even picture myself pregnant or taking care of a baby. I felt still so young and selfish. The whole situation didn't even seem remotely possible.

Then the inevitable happened, and I was pregnant… and I hated it. Lol. I still laugh at this because my hatred for pregnancy cannot be topped. I even hate it more than winter! It does not agree with me at all. I was sick for so long, and tired, and in a lot of pain (and the same held true for my second pregnancy which was even worse). There was nothing I wanted more than that baby to be out of me and on the outside.

So, of course, my Peanut, which is what I called her in the womb, was late. Over a week late. And even when I went to the hospital to get induced, I WAS THERE FOR THREE DAYS. I am not kidding. The nurses on that ward whispered to each other, “Dr. So-and-so has had a patient here for THREE DAYS!” *gasp* *shock*

Eventually, yes, she was born after much pushing and many drugs. The eviction notice was sent and abided by! She came out clutching her umbilical cord and demanding to go back in. Lol. Sorry, kid. My body's my own now!

I love this kid so much. She's always been full of life and happiness, demanding and stubborn too. We had a really difficult first 7 years together until all the signals connected correctly in her head, but now, that all feels like a dream. We even joke about it together sometimes. I'll say, “Hey remember those two years you refused to sleep at night?” and she'll say, “Mommy, I love sleeping now. You don't need to remind me.” Hell, yes, I do! That's my job as mama.

Now, she's almost as tall as I am. She's in middle school, has her own phone, and a definite idea of what makes for a good birthday (cake AND ice cream, don't skimp!)

Happy birthday to my oldest daughter! I hope the world stays bright and cheery for you the rest of your life. Your daddy, sister, and I love you so much.


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