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Hopefully I’ve Fixed The Email Updates Plugin… Hopefully

Lots has been going on behind the scenes here on the blog/website. I was alerted by a friend recently that the sign-up box for my automatic email updates on the blog wasn't working correctly. She kept getting an error that the MailPoet server couldn't be reached when trying to sign-up. I tested it several times and it always worked for me, so I thought it was an intermittent problem. But I contacted the company I bought the plugin from and they advised me that the form was probably having caching problems! Ugh! I now wonder how many people have been trying to sign up and getting errors!

Anyway, I switched over the form yesterday and now I'm getting a lot more sign-ups than I've ever had since I ported over to this new system. Double ugh. I have a feeling many people have been trying to use it and it wasn't working. Now I'm also stuck in a conundrum because I see lots of people signing up and not confirming their subscription in the double opt-in. I see that the Amazon email system is actually sending these emails, so I hope those people are getting them.

If you're one of the people who has been trying to sign-up to my updates but failing, you're welcome to comment on this post or contact me personally. I'll figure out how I can help you!

S. J. Pajonas