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An Unrelenting Winter

As many of you know, I'm not a winter person. Hoo boy, I'm about the farthest from being a winter person a person could be. My husband likes to say, “But you grew up in Michigan!” Yes, I did. And I had my fill of it while I was there, thank you very much. Still, snow? Cold? Ice? No. I say no to all of that.

I live in the Northeast of the United States, about twenty minutes outside of New York City. I don't really expect to avoid winter here, of course. We're still far enough north to get a decent snow or two each year. But the past two warm winters totally sucked me into believing that winter wasn't all that bad. Mother Nature said, “See? I can be easy to get along with.”

This year she said, “Look here. I'll do whatever I want. And it will SNOW.”

If you missed the news, we've had some snow here. New York City and Long Island lucked out and got rain and slush. What happened to us? We got close to 14 inches of the heavy stuff.

God, it was so heavy it took out a good number of my favorite pieces of landscaping. Our beautiful Dogwood tree? Completely toast. The snow was so heavy, it clung to the branches and split the trunk right down the center. I'm so bummed. This tree was big and beautiful, and it bloomed too. White flowers! Ugh. I'm so sad it's gone. The snow also did a number on a lilac bush that was struggling anyway, and also killed a bush.

The kids have been home since Wednesday. My town got hit so hard that about 500 homes are still without power and there are still downed power lines in the street. It wasn't safe for the kids to go to school. I blame the young one for wanting “more than one snow day.” Well, she got her wish. Why is it that they always want a snow day and then by 11am THEY'RE SO BORED? Lol. I made them clean the house yesterday. No use letting that slave labor go to waste. Today, maybe we'll bake and do a puzzle.

I'm not getting much writing done. A few words here and there as I feel out the first chapter of this book. I've been doing other things instead like my work on the Amazon Polly version of REMOVED. That's going well, if slow.

So if you have any snow-day activities you'd like to suggest for two kids, 7 and 10, who are bored out of their skulls (that hopefully don't require too much in parental supervision), please leave them in the comments. I'm desperate. Help!!

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