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March 2018 Goals

February was a tough month. My family ceased being sick and instead passed it on to me. I spent the first part of the month dealing with the flu and the second part of the month catching up on work.

What Happened With February’s Goals?

Finish FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. Done!! I'm so happy to be done with this book. I'll update tomorrow with a Writing Update on the blog to discuss more details.

Sale on THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE and possible sale on THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER. THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE sale is almost over. I have all of my prices set to go back to normal on Friday/Saturday. There will not be a sale on THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER since we didn't get to 100 reviews on THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE.

Plot out the first book in this new scifi series I want to write on the side. I haven't done any plotting yet though there was a lot of thinking! I hope to start plotting this weekend.

NOT GET SICK. Big FAIL. Not only did I get the flu but also a sinus and ear infection, and I felt like I was going to die at some point. I did get to watch a lot of TV, but that was the only good thing about getting sick. It took me weeks to recover after the fever finally went away.

More of the same: walking, reading, knitting. I walked once I was better. I got plenty of reading done. I haven't picked up my needles in a while.

A Look Back at February

Business Goals For March

Write something new! I have this idea for a new sci-fi series. I know, I know. I'm already writing a sci-fi series. But I really want to write this one. And I think the story would do well with shorter installments. So I'm going to try it. I really just want to let myself do something different.

Start playing around with Amazon Polly. I have been reading the docs and white papers on Amazon Polly, which is Amazon's text-to-speech engine available through Amazon Web Services. I'm going to get it to speak my first novel, REMOVED, and offer it as a podcast. I plan to work on it a little each day.

Update back matter in Nogiku Series. I need to go through all the Nogiku Series books and mention the Hikoboshi Series in the back matter. I think I did this on some books but not all. Time to make them all consistent.

Come up with a solid idea for Daydreamer 5. I know where I want to take all the personal stories in the next few Daydreamer books, but the murders are always hard to plot! I need to come up with some ideas for the next few books, so I can foreshadow well enough.

Personal Goals For March

Make it through this month. March is always a tough month. The weather is usually crazy and then my oldest has her birthday near the beginning of spring. Plus, my husband has a lot of travel planned for this month.

More of the same: walking, reading, knitting. Self-explanatory.

Hope you all have a great March!

S. J. Pajonas