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The Kami No Sekai Omnibus Is Now Available! In Ebook & Paperback

I remember back when I first wrote RICE COOKER REVENGE, the first short story in the Kami No Sekai collection, and how I decided then I would write five or six stories in the collection, bundle them, and give them away to my mailing list subscribers for a few months. And this was something I did, indeed. I ended up bundling them and giving them away to my subscribers for over a year!

But then I decided to go back to my blog and ditch my traditional newsletter. Things changed, and I wanted to make sure this omnibus was available to paying customers too, so I figured it was time to finally put this collection on sale!

The paperback was what I loved about putting this collection together. I designed a totally different, pencil-sketch style cover just for the paperback, and it looks really sharp in person. I love it! This also gives me a low-key release in February when I didn't have any other releases to speak of. Gotta keep the Amazon engine a-churning!

So, my fair readers, if you were hoping to pick up the Kami No Sekai Omnibus in paperback or get them all in one ebook, you can do so today!


Can you leave a review?

I know most of my readers have read these stories, and possibly, you enjoyed them! The omnibus could use a few reviews on Amazon. Please take a moment to leave a little review. Just a sentence or two will do!


Which is your favorite story in the Kami No Sekai Short Story Series?

Though RICE COOKER REVENGE is my baby, I think I enjoyed writing WASHING STATUE WANDERLUST the most. Which is your favorite?

S. J. Pajonas