THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE Is On Sale For 99c! Plus, Possible Extra Sale…

S. J. Pajonas February 2, 2018
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THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE is on sale for 99c, and if it reaches 100 reviews on Amazon, THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER will go on sale as well!

Happy February everyone!! It’s the shortest month of the year, yet usually the bleakest in these parts. So I’ve decided to have a sale! I haven’t put THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE on sale in quite some time, almost a year I think, so now’s the time to pick it up for only 99¢.


On sale for the entire month of February!

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Or you can…

Read the blurb and an excerpt on my website

Want to get THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER at 99¢ too? More on that below…

I have a proposition for all my readers…

In general, I almost never put the later books in my series on sale. As I’ve explained before, these books are my bread and butter. Sales of later books in the series help fund the rest of my writing like paying for covers, editing, and advertising, so I rarely mark them down.

But I’ve had an idea. THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE has 95 reviews right now on Amazon. I’d really like to see that number reach 100. So here’s my proposition:

If THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE reaches 100 reviews before midnight on February 28th, I will put THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER on sale for 7 days for 99¢.

That’s right. I’ll give you a sale on a book that’s never been on sale ever! But only if we reach 100 reviews on THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE. Can we do it? Here’s how we can…

If you haven’t reviewed THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE…

You can review it right now and contribute to this endeavor to reach 100 reviews! Please leave an honest review on Amazon by clicking the button below, choosing a star rating, and leaving a few sentences of how you felt about the book. Anyone who has read the book and has an Amazon account can leave a review.


If you have reviewed THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE…

Now’s the time to urge others to purchase THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE at the reduced price and encourage those people to leave reviews. I have two things you can do to make this easy on you.

You can share a Facebook post

On your FB profile, tell people you enjoyed the book, and encourage them to purchase and review this book soon!

You can Retweet the sale on Twitter

And hopefully your Twitter followers will see the tweet, purchase, and review. You can make that a little more obvious by saying something about THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE when you retweet.

You have until February 28th at midnight to make it happen!

Reaching 100 reviews could happen tomorrow, next week or right up at the deadline! We’ll see! But if we reach the goal, I’ll lower the price of THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER and then update the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and my mailing list. As long as you follow me at these places, you’ll hear about it.

Thanks everyone! I hope you pick up THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE and I hope you leave a review too. ;)

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