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Featuring SIGILS & SPELLS By Various Authors Including Amy Evans

Today, I'm very excited to feature Amy Evans on the blog. Amy is a super talented author and also a dear friend of mine. I see her about once a week in the flesh! So she's important to me. Amy Evans is here to talk about her novel, CLICKS, which is featured in the SIGILS & SPELLS box set.

I asked Amy, “What inspired you to write CLICKS? And why did you think CLICKS was a good fit for the SIGILS & SPELLS box set?”

She replied…

I felt CLICKS was a good fit for the SIGILS & SPELLS box set because the people the book is about are indigenous to the United States. When I originally published, I was encouraged to leave out many details about tribal life, but this box set gave me an opportunity to rerelease the book with a focus on increasing those details about the main character and her tribe.

I love hearing about real-world communities that inspire works of fiction! It's so interesting to see how an idea is born. CLICKS especially has a great surfing community with lots of mysteries to keep readers guessing.

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This world is beautiful because it is so diverse, so celebrate with 24 unique books in SIGILS & SPELLS!

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Have you read any fantasy books based on real world communities?

I can think of a few I've read! Share yours in the comments.

S. J. Pajonas