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Sunday Update – January 28, 2018

This is the standard OH MY GOD WHERE DID JANUARY GO THANK THE BABY JESUS IT'S ALMOST OVER Sunday Update. Lol. January always feels like the longest month EVER and then I get to the end and think, “Hey, it wasn't that bad.”

Anyway, this was a fairly uneventful week. My husband went to work and my kids went to school all week, so right there we have a winner. BUT my youngest was cranky Friday evening so I took her temperature and yep. She has had a fever ever since then. I don't know what it is. Flu is going around her school, so it could be that, but she's not too bad off right now. Maybe the fact that she got the shot made this less of an event? I'm not sure. But regardless, I don't think she'll be going to school much this week.

It was really cold here most of the week, too, which made getting out and getting exercise a little difficult. Still, I waited for the late morning, bundled up, and got outside several days this week and I'm glad I did. It's important for me to get fresh air on a regular basis. It really helps keep my spirits up.

Only one annoying thing happened this week and that was my attempt to get remote-start installed on my husband's car. It was going to be my Christmas present to him, and OF COURSE, it was a total nightmare to arrange. None of the car shops around here install remote-start, so eventually, after much digging around and calling our local Ford dealership, I found a place a 40 minute drive away to do it. So I drive all the way out there only to find out there are chips in the keys of this car and I had no idea. My fault, entirely, as I should've done the research on it ahead of time. A $199 job turned into a $450 job plus extra time involved to replicate the keys and my husband decided it was too much work and money for a car he really wants to get rid of soon. So I drove back the 40 minutes and wasted all of my writing time that day. Sigh. At least I got to listen to podcasts on the drive.

I've been working slowly on FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. I wrote a scene earlier in the week that I realized actually made a great transition from the second act to the third, but that I still needed more second act to get there. So I moved it forward in my Scrivener file and made notes on what was missing. Now I've been writing those scenes. I've passed 60,000 words and I suspect I have another 30,000 to go. I'm hoping to get close to finishing by February 10th. We shall see. Otherwise I'm happy about this book and where it's going. I think you all will enjoy this one! Plenty of twists and turns for your reading pleasure.

What else happened this week?

The lake in my park is looking interesting this time of year!

We celebrated Taco Tuesday this week. It was one of the first real meals since all the flu went through this house.

It was cold enough to wear the hand knits this week.

I enjoyed a few tasty treats from my Bokksu Japanese snack box. This one was good! It tasted like an ice cream cone with chocolate filling.

So I saw a video Facebook this week about jackfruit and really wanted to try it. I posted it to my personal timeline and a lot of my friends jumped on to say that they like it! Then I got this fortune from my Chinese food on Saturday night and joked on Instagram that I need to try the jackfruit now. Then today, my husband went grocery shopping and came home with this prepared jackfruit! I laughed and laughed. It was fate. I'll have to try it this week.

Coming up this week on the blog: a Book Chat, another featured author, and February goals.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Update – January 28, 2018”

  1. Sorry about your daughter getting sick and the remote start issue. But sounds like you were pretty productive still! And you took some pretty pictures, as usual. What is that fish thing?? It looks cool!

    1. Now the other kid is sick too!! Gah. Sigh. There will be lots of movies around here the next few days. :) The fish thing is a version of taiyaki.

      You know those cheap ice cream cones you can buy at the grocery store? The outside is like that and there was chocolate inside of this one. When I was in Japan, I had the real thing and that’s more like a pancake batter and sweet bean paste inside.

  2. Sorry about the annoying car issue. It’s the worst when you have a great gift idea and it goes all wrong! My daughter told me she at that prepared jackfruit at her friend’s house and really liked it. We’ll have to try it too!

    1. I’m so annoyed about the car thing. It was a great idea for a gift! Instead my husband is getting three months of a craft beer subscription. Lol. I figure alcohol is a good substitute. :)

      I’m going to have that jackfruit this week and I’ll report back on how it tastes!

  3. Good to hear it was mostly an uneventful week. Sorry to hear your daughter might have the flu, I hope it isn’t too bad. That car issue sounds annoying with you driving all the way out there for nothing, but at least your could listen to podcasts while driving. I am so curious about Fukusha Model Eight! It sounds like it will be another great read!

    That fish shaped snack sounds good! I never had jackfruit so far I think, although I vaguely remember seeing a recipe for it once. And that is a great coincidence you shared it and then got that fortune and your husband bought that for you. I hope it’s good! Let me know how it tastes. Have a great week!

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