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Book Updates – Hikoboshi Series Out Of Kindle Unlimited And More…

Hi everyone! Just popping in to give a few quick book related updates…

The Hikoboshi Series

First and foremost, The Hikoboshi Series, CRASH LAND ON KURAI and CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD, and all forthcoming books in the series will no longer be in Kindle Unlimited. CRASH LAND ON KURAI comes out of KU tomorrow and will be available on all vendors probably by Monday. CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD comes out of KU on February 12th and will be distributed to all vendors then.

If you're disappointed that the rest of the series will not be in KU, well, so am I. I had a benchmark of income that I wanted to reach with this series to keep it in KU until the last book was published, and I'm afraid it didn't even come close. My goal was that by the sixth month mark of CRASH LAND ON KURAI being in Kindle Unlimited, I needed to be making 2x in page-reads than what I was making in regular sales to justify only selling the book on Amazon, which is a requirement to be in KU. As of today, page-reads are less than half what sales are.

I will post a reminder to the blog before the end of the month that these books have been made available on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play. I hope all of my customers from these vendors enjoy reading this series!

Editing and writing of the third book of the series, FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT, is going well and I hope to have it ready for publication in April if all goes well.

Prices On Novels Longer Than 85,000 Words

I've instituted a new pricing structure for my books, which means that books that are over 85,000 words will be priced at $4.99 starting next week. Books that are 50,000 to 85,000 words will be $3.99. Pricing increases will be seen on the following books:


Though RELEASED, the second book of the Nogiku Series, is well over 100,000 words, I've decided to keep it at $3.99 for the time being, though I may change my mind in the months ahead. These longer novels take a long time to write and are more expensive to edit. I have been undervaluing my work the last two years, and I'd like to change that. If you had planned on buy these books soon, you might as well get them now before I raise the prices!

FACE TIME In Kindle Unlimited

FACE TIME is now in Kindle Unlimited, and I plan to keep it and SUMMER HAIKUS, my two romances, in the program for the foreseeable future. They both did poorly on other vendors (FACE TIME having sold only one copy outside of Amazon in 2017), and I don't see a reason to keep them there any longer when they can possibly do better on Amazon with continued Amazon Ads.


I've ordered the proof of the paperback for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE RETURNS A FAVOR and it looks like I should get it early next week. As soon as I've looked it over, I'll hit publish on it and link it up to the ebook on Amazon. If you're a paperback reader, please check on the status of the paperback when the ebook publishes on January 17th. It should be there on the Amazon product page for you to buy.

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