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Done While Listening #DoneWhileListening

Everyone around here knows I love audiobooks. Love them! They're the main source of “reading” I get done now, a kind-of “me time” that I normally don't have. A few years ago, I was desperate to find more time to read in between everything I do around the house and work. I have two young kids and I'm an author, which means that any spare sitting time I had was spent at the computer or re-reading my own work or my critique partner's work. For-fun reading time had dwindled to nothing, and I was definitely missing it.

At the time, I had just begun listening to podcasts while doing household chores, and often I would run out of them, yet I still had more kitchen to clean or food to cook. One of my favorite podcasts was sponsored by Audible, so I decided to sign up using their affiliate link… just to try it out. They featured a new audiobook every week, so I thought I would make a list and try out some of their suggestions.

I honestly didn't think I'd like it. I thought there was no way audiobooks would be for me. I was a purist of words on the page! Audiobooks? They would never be the same as reading. (I'm laughing at myself now.)

My very first audiobook is still one of my favorites, THE MARTIAN. I was captivated by all the voices the narrator did, and of course, the story. I actually listened to this audiobook twice! I then moved onto all of John Scalzi's books in audiobook format, all The Expanse books, and on and on.

It was easy to become hooked on audiobooks. Why? Because I could get so much done while listening! When I got an email from Audible a few weeks ago highlighting all the activities people had done while listening to audiobooks, I knew I would have to write a similar blog post.

Of course, I got plenty of cleaning done while listening to audiobooks, just like I did with podcasts, but there was so much more I could do!

My favorite activity is definitely knitting and listening. I barely had any time to knit before, just like I had little time to sit and read. But doing them together? It feels like I'm really accomplishing something.

I especially love to sit and knit outside during the summer at the pool while listening to a great audiobook.

The majority of this shawl was knit while listening to audiobooks this fall.

But that's not all. I also enjoy coloring and listening to audiobooks. Coloring helps relieve stress and pairing it with a great audiobook is even better.

When my local grocery store isn't too crowded, I also shop and listen to audiobooks! I plug in and listen at the store, and when I get back in the car, I pop open a seltzer, sync up my phone to the car, and continue the listen all the way home.

And of course, I also listen while traveling. Here I am on a plane, listening and trying not to think about the craziness around me.

But I listen to audiobooks the most on my walks. In 2017, I vowed to walk 1000 miles and I did it with the help of audiobooks. I joined the Audiobook Challenge, I kept my Audible subscription going, and I walked and walked and walked until I hit 1000 miles. Many times I stayed out and kept walking longer because I was so engrossed in the story I didn't want to stop.

Right now, my own books are not in audiobook format, but I hope that someday they will be! I can't wait to hear a narrator tell my stories. It'll be a trip for sure. :)

Want to check out all the audiobooks I listened to in 2017? You can see the list here in my Audiobook Challenge round-up. And be sure to subscribe to the blog to check out my monthly Book Chats where I talk about all the audiobooks (and regular books too) I listen to and read.

Are you an audiobook fan? What do you do while you're listening?

8 thoughts on “Done While Listening #DoneWhileListening”

  1. I haven’t listened to audiobooks yet, I keep thinking I’ll give it a try, but then keep doubting whether it would work for me. I feel like I would prefer reading over listening and like I would have a hard time finding moments to listen.

    I do like your idea of knitting or coloring and listening as both are calm enough activities that don’t take up all your brain power and you can’t hold a book an read at the same time. I also can imagine that for people who travel a lot audiobooks are ideal. It does seem like there’s a lot you can do while listening at the same time. It’s great that you got to read/ listen to more books thanks to audiobooks!

    1. I really think you should give them a try. Even if you only try one and you listen while you cook or color, it would be one more way to add more books to your life. I didn’t think I’d like them and I ended up loving them! :)

  2. That’s wonderful that audiobooks work so well for you! It does look like you get quite a bit done while listening. I love that it even helped you walk more! I’ve tried audiobooks, but for me the prob is just that I’m not an auditory learner. My mind gets distracted SOOOO easily while listening to an audiobook, so I literally have to sit there and stare at my phone doing nothing but concentrating, which defeats the purpose lol.

    1. It took me a while to train my brain not to wander off while listening to audiobooks. It wasn’t something I did very well at first, but now I can usually listen and capture 95%. There have been times I’ve realized I didn’t listen hard enough and I would rewind 30 seconds to listen again!

  3. Would you believe I’ve never listened to an audiobook? I listen to podcasts all the time though… And I have my first library audiobook ready to download right now!

  4. I’m such a fan of audiobooks too, and find they are my main source of reading. I love being able to multi-task. Plus they make my exercise sessions, house cleaning sessions, commutes and so much more just fly by. I need to try colouring and audiobooks together. Sounds very relaxing. Oh yes, do bring out your books as audiobooks, that would be great! Especially as I’d know how to pronounce the Japanese words correctly instead of just stumbling crazily over them as I’m sure I do.

    1. I would love to do my books as audiobooks especially for the reasons you mention but I don’t want to risk royalty share so it will have to wait. Audiobooks are expensive to produce and I don’t make enough right now to justify them. Hopefully someday!!

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