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January 2018 Goals

It's a new year! And a new month as well. Let's keep things on track by setting some goals for the month.

What Happened With December's Goals?

Edit THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE RETURNS A FAVOR. Did this! And I just finished up the proofreading edits too! Which means I can upload and work on the paperback now.

Continue bits of writing on FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. Because I was sick, I let this slide. I could only concentrate on the edits for Daydreamer 4.

Get the pre-order up for the KAMI NO SEKAI OMNIBUS. Done. I need to update the page on this site with all the information.

Come up with an idea for Daydreamer 5. I did think of several things for this book! We'll see which I decide to go with.

Write a BONUS SCENE for CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD. I didn't do this but I still want to. I'm going to roll it into January.

Hit my 1000 miles goal for 2018! Done! I hit this goal and then immediately got sick right after. Lol. Of course!

Walking, reading, knitting, and more audiobooks. I didn't get as much walking in last month as I wanted to due to being sick but I did read!

A Look Back at December


Business Goals For January

Publish THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE RETURNS A FAVOR. At this point, this is a foregone conclusion. I'm going to upload my final files today, get the paperback into the Createspace system, push all the buttons, and sit back and wait. My ARC team already has the non-proofed book and many have read it. We're good to go!

Write more on FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. I need to pick up this book, read what I've written, edit that, and then start writing again. The first half rambled WAY TOO MUCH, and I know some scenes I can cut already. Then I need to pick up the ball and run it into the end zone.

Write a BONUS SCENE for CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD. I'd like to do this this month and post it to the blog.

Upload all the Daydreamer books. I have this awesome high school friend of mine who reads all of my books AND has a crazy total recall memory (I know, I'm so lucky to have her!) She helped me write down all the characters in all my Daydreamer books, remember the small details that I had forgotten, and helped me iron out inconsistencies that had crept in over the last four books. I then went back and put a one-chapter teaser of the next book into each of the ebooks. Now everything should be peachy keen with them all. I just need to go through and upload them at every vendor. That's a lot of work, so I'll spread it out over two or three days.

Personal Goals For January

Celebrate my birthday on January 18th. I'm totally the type of person to work through my birthday. But I should take a break and do something nice for myself. I don't know what, but I'll think of something.

Fight off these recurring sinus infections. I realized recently that it's not the Claritin I've been on that's kept the sinus infections away, it was the two mild winters we had! Now that we're in the single digits for weather here all the time this year, the heat is on constantly, and I'm getting recurring sinus infections again. Sigh. I hate this. I'm doing everything I can to fight them but I may need antibiotics again.

Keep walking. Despite not feeling well, I need to keep walking. It's good for me.

Keep reading, listening to audiobooks, and knitting. I have a new book I'm reading that I'm enjoying and also an alpha read from my critique partner.

5 thoughts on “January 2018 Goals”

  1. Sounds like you did pretty good with your Dec goals! Good luck with your Jan ones :-) And ugh, I’m ready for this cold weather to be over too. I hasn’t even gotten as cold here as other places, but I’ve had my space heater on, and even that is screwing with my sinuses and giving me headaches because it’s blowing all the particles all around, and there’s no AC on to filter things out, and it makes the air dryer I think. Why do our sinuses have to be so touchy? Feel better soon!

    1. As soon as our heat comes on here, I have problems with my sinuses. It sucks. And though I’m not getting much walking in yet, so far the month is going well for my goals. Yay!

  2. I think you did pretty good with your December goals. It makes sense you didn’t get to a few of the goals because you were sick. Good luck with your January goals. I just finished the fourth Daydreamer book and really enjoyed it. That’s exciting you’re going back to working on Fukusha model Eight this month. I hope you can fight off that sinus infection and do something nice for your birthday.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the fourth Daydreamer book. I was hoping you would like it! I really wanted to tie it back to the beginning of the series so that it felt like that loop could be closed. :) And I’m glad I got SOMETHING done in December with all the health problems I had. So far, I’ve managed to kick this second sinus infection so I hope that I can keep them from coming back.

      1. It was really neat how you tied it back in with the first book. And I liked the twist about who the murderer was, I didn’t see that coming and now when I look back it makes so much sense. I like mysteries like that.

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