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OZONI AND ONSENS Is Now Available In Paperback

I had a few people write to me and request a paperback version of OZONI AND ONSENS, so that's now available for sale on Amazon.

Order your paperback of OZONI AND ONSENS now!

And for those who asked, THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE RETURNS A FAVOR will also be available in paperback, but not until close to its publication date in January. I publish all my paperback versions through Createspace, and they don't allow me to set up pre-orders for my books. So I have to upload them and have them ready for the publication date instead. I appreciate your patience! Since I'm not a best seller or anything, I can't really swing any weight around to get me pre-order capabilities. This situation has to do.

I'll be back next week with a writing update and more!

S. J. Pajonas