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Teaser Tuesday – What Is Home?

It's another Teaser Tuesday for CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD!

When Yumi arrives on Hikari and in Shin-Osaka, she knows that she has to make the best of her situation and try to do it as quickly as possible. Fitting in is of utmost importance here. She cannot stick out or people will start to question her. She's already been through hell on Kurai, and she's missing home pretty fiercely, even if she doesn't admit it out loud.

One of the things she refuses to do is think of Hikari as home. Home is Orihime. Home is where her family is. Home is not some foreign land with people and laws she can't wrap her head around. It's not something that Rin notices right away, her refusal to call his apartment her home, but it sinks in over time and eats away at him bit by bit. He wants her to feel comfortable, and she may never be. It's something they will both struggle with for the length of the series.

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S. J. Pajonas