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CRASH LAND ON KURAI Is Free For A Limited Time! Through Nov 17th

I have excellent news for you this week! In honor of the publication of CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD, the second book of the Hikoboshi Series, I have decided to offer CRASH LAND ON KURAI for free this week only.

Have you been thinking about trying out this series? Here are some excerpts from reviews I feel give a good impression of this book!

“Honestly, this was a brilliant read. There were so many interesting elements in this story and I cannot wait to see where the series heads from here. It is certainly a series I'll be keeping an eye on!”

“The author does a solid job of world building and revealing characters. I was immediately struck by the dialogue. It's exactly what you would expect from soldiers. I don't mind a good potty mouth when it is in character. The universe felt only slightly reminiscent of Firefly (the short lived but much loved Joss Whedon series) because of the Eastern elements, but I really enjoyed the deep thought SJ Pajonas has obviously dedicated to this world and these people. Nothing felt out of place unless it was supposed to.”

“Yumi has to feel out who is friend and who is foe among the new people she is meeting. Not only her own life, but those of all of her shipmates hang in the balance. I read it in two days, and only because I had to put it down to go to work. Just a really refreshing read in a genre that has become dominated with military SF lately (which I love!) This was a nice change, and I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.”

I really enjoyed writing this book last year for NaNoWriMo so it's seems fitting that I offer it now for free, while I'm publishing Book 2, and writing Book 3. I hope you enjoy it!

Learn more about CRASH LAND ON KURAI

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

And please, if you do download and read it, don't forget to leave a review! All reviews are appreciated!

PS) Since I'm bound to get some questions about this, I tend to only make first books in series free once every two years unless the whole series is available, and then I may make the first free or 99¢. THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE hasn't been free since June 2016. This one will probably not be free again until late 2018 or into 2019.

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