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November 2017 Goals

October was one crazy busy month!! I don't think I caught a break once. :)

What Happened With October's Goals?

Edit and republish SUMMER HAIKUS. Done and I'm happy enough with the results of this to call it a success. It didn't do AWESOME, but it also didn't totally sink like a stone. I'm hoping AMS ads will give it a boost over the next few months too.

Edit Hikoboshi 2 for publishing in November. DONE! Holy cannoli, this was a lot of work. But I set a schedule, and I kept with it. I think I was only behind by one day! But I finished it and got it off to readers. ICYMI, it's now up for pre-order on Amazon.

Reveal the cover, title, and blurb for Hikoboshi 2. Done yesterday. I really pulled this one off at the last minute!

Brainstorm ideas for HIkoboshi 3. I wrote down several ideas and got into my outline. Today I start writing!

Update all the covers for the Miso Cozy Mysteries Series. Done! I also updated their blurbs and ebook files. The paperback updates are in progress.

Walking, reading, knitting, and more audiobooks.I am happy to report that all of this happened! :)

Let's look at the Runkeeper stats for the year.

I'm now at 895 miles for the year so far, and I'm at almost 90% of my goal. People! I'm so close to hitting 1000 miles and I have two whole months in which to accomplish a measly 105 miles. Amazing! It's been 304 days of this year so far. Multiply that by 2.74 (the minimum I need per day to hit my goal) and the total is approximately 833 miles. I'm more than 60 miles past that. Yay!

As for the month, I surpassed the needed 84.94 just barely by walking 95.5 miles. I took several days off and the majority of my miles now come from school walking.

A Look Back at October

Business Goals For November

NaNoWriMo. This is my biggest goal and it's what I hope to achieve with the help of dictation. 50,000 words in November on HIkoboshi 3. LET'S DO THIS!

Publish and celebrate CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD. This will happen on November 15th. I would like to treat myself to something nice that day.

Transition over to my new newsletter program. I'll talk more about this on the blog on November 17th, but I'm discontinuing my traditional newsletter and transitioning to only the blog for news with an email update program on the backend that will inform my newsletter list of what's going on.

Update all the paperbacks for the Miso Cozy Mysteries Series. I'm moving them all over to Vellum and I have them ready to go. I just need to tweak the covers and upload to Createspace.

Personal Goals For November

Walking, reading, knitting, and more audiobooks.The usual! I'd like to keep up the audiobook listening as this is the best way for me to get “reading” done. Lol.

Enjoy your November everyone!

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  1. Wow you did great with your September goals! And that’s awesome you’re doing so well with your walking goal as well.

    Good luck with your November goals! I hope you get that book written in November and have an awesome release day for book 2. After I finish my current read I am starting it :D. That’s interesting you’re changing your newsletter to the blog instead. I hope it goes well!

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