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October 2017 Goals

September meant everything was back to business. The kids went back to school and I got back to writing full time.

What Happened With September's Goals?

Finish Daydreamer 4. This is finally done!! Thank god too because I was really struggling in the last quarter of the book. But I figured a bunch of things out and I made the story work. I'm happy with the outcome and I think readers will really love this story. I have a few formatting things to do and then it's off to my critique partner.

Walking, reading, knitting, and not freaking out. All is well here. Walking went great as evidenced by the Runkeeper stats below. I did do some reading but it was mostly audiobooks. I didn't do a ton of knitting but I did take it out several times and got some rows knitted. I did not freak out about school starting. We handled it well, and middle school is going well for my oldest.

Let's look at the Runkeeper stats for the year.

I'm now at 800 miles for the year so far, and I'm at 80% of my goal. It's been 274 days of this year so far. Multiply that by 2.74 (the minimum I need per day to hit my goal) and the total is approximately 750 miles. I'm more than 50 miles past that. I'm doing great with this goal! Yay!

As for the month, I surpassed the needed 82.2 just barely by walking 85.6 miles. I took several days off and the majority of my miles now come from school walking.

A Look Back at September

Business Goals For October

Edit and republish SUMMER HAIKUS. I haven't talked about this much except to address it in my anniversary post, but SUMMER HAIKUS has flopped so badly that it's only sold 1 book in a whole year. I believe this is due to two things: the cover and it not being in Kindle Unlimited. Since KU favors brand new books, I'm completely unpublishing this book, editing a few of the sex scenes out, and republishing it, possibly losing all of my reviews. That will be happening this coming week.

Edit Hikoboshi 2 for publishing in November. I will be getting this ready for publication. I have a few tweaks to make and then copy edits. Then it'll be ready for proofreading and ARC readers.

Reveal the cover, title, and blurb for Hikoboshi 2. I'm dreading this because I hate writing blurbs. Lol. But I plan to do this near the end of the month.

Brainstorm ideas for HIkoboshi 3. I'll be writing Hikoboshi 3 during NaNoWriMo, so I need to have some ideas of what to write!

Update all the covers for the Miso Cozy Mysteries Series. Basically, I'll be doing some small edits to the current covers (getting rid of the black bar across the top and brightening up the colors), a brand-new cover for OZONI AND ONSENS, and a new cover for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE RETURNS A FAVOR aka Daydreamer 4. I will need to upload all of these to the vendors and update the ebook files with them too, as well as ask Lola to update them on Goodreads.

Personal Goals For October

Walking, reading, knitting, and more audiobooks.The usual! I'd like to keep up the audiobook listening as this is the best way for me to get “reading” done. Lol.

Enjoy your October everyone!

2 thoughts on “October 2017 Goals”

  1. Sounds like September went well in terms of finishing your goals. Yay for finishing Daydreamer 4!

    Good luck with your October goals. I really hope the re-launch of Summer Haikus will go well as that book deserves to be more well known.

    I cna’t wait to read Hikoboshi 2! Glad to hear it will be here soon and you’re starting brainstorming on book 3 already.

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