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Sunday Update – October 1, 2017

Where has this year gone? I feel like my whole life is sliding by and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Maybe this is why some people enjoy writing time travel novels. Time marches on but they can still play with. Lol. We're now in the final quarter of the year and there's still lots to do before 2018 sets in.

Since today is October 1 and I usually do a post about my monthly goals on the 1st, I'll be publishing that tomorrow.

Let's look back at this week.

Monday was a chill day at home. I'm so glad that we have no real obligations on Mondays besides getting my youngest kid to gymnastics in the afternoon. We had her friend over after school and I also took her to gymnastics since they're in the same class.

Tuesday, I made applesauce in the morning while listening to my audiobook after a long walk. Then I worked more on Daydreamer 4. In the afternoon, we picked up our veggies as usual. It was a hot week! The temperature was balmy and I think Tuesday it got to almost 90°F. Crazy hot for the end of September.

On Wednesday, my husband worked from home and the cleaning ladies came, so I left to go to Panera with my buddy, Amy. We had some time together to talk and brainstorm and have lunch. Then I went to acupuncture. In the afternoon, I took the kids to tennis and we all had pizza for dinner.

Thursday was my day to buckle down and get work done. I cruised into the last 8k of Daydreamer 4, baked some bread, and made soup. I got a lot of work done on Daydreamer 4 which was good because we had Friday off.

Friday, we slept in because the kids had no school. Normally I would love this and it was actually a pretty chill day, but it took forever to have time to write. I took care of admin things in the morning, got the kids dressed, and then we went shopping at Whole Foods. My oldest daughter got sushi for lunch!! I was so proud!! She was so picky until recently and now she's eating more and more different foods. We had lunch at home and then I took them to the school to ride bikes. I got some walking in by walking around the black top a million times. I finally got to writing in the afternoon.

On Saturday, I realized that though my new keyboard has eliminated some of my hand pain, I am still in a lot of pain typing for long amounts of time. I have avoided using my old PC with Dragon on it because it's so old and slow that it's a struggle to get through the dictation. It's finally time to bite the bullet and buy a newer PC for Dragon and other Windows programs I need. It seems dumb to have two computers but my MacBook Air would struggle running Parallels so this is my best option. My husband is cashing in some Amex points to lighten the cost and I'll be ordering my new computer today. I will then hand it over to my husband to set up because I am not a Windows person. Lol.

Besides shopping for a PC on Saturday, I also did a lot of writing. I got up to the last chapter of Daydreamer 4 and I'm going to finish it off today!!

So today, Sunday, not only will I be finishing Daydreamer 4, I'm also taking today off from walking as I need a rest. I hope to do some cooking or baking later or to read. We shall see.

What else happened this week?

I kept fueling the writing fire this week by breaking out the Japanese candy. It was obviously worth it because I really cruised through to the end of Daydreamer 4.

I made some really awesome applesauce from our apple picking outing and I'm going to make oatmeal for breakfast this coming week so I can enjoy the applesauce with it.

I've been enjoying all of my Japanese snacks from my Bokksu boxes.

I got some more baking done this week and I made English Muffin Bread. Yum!

Proof positive my daughter is coming out of her picky eating phase. She had tuna roll for lunch on Friday.

And I'm totally fascinated by all the crazy mushrooms/fungi growing around my neighborhood. These were particularly ugly/awesome.

Coming up this week on the blog: October 2017 Goals.

Have a great week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – October 1, 2017”

  1. It sure feels like this year is going by fast. Glad to hear you made some good progress on daydreamer 4! That’s awesome your oldest ate some sushi. I was very picky as a kid too and even though I am still picky now, it’s less so than when I was younger.

    Sounds like buying a new pc for dragon is still the best solution then. Working on a slow computer is annoying.

    That Japanese snack box sounds fun, that snack you had looks good, what is it? I’ll have to try those English Muffin Bread recipe once, they look yummy! Those mushrooms sure look awesome, I’ve never seen types like that here before. Have a great week!

    btw the subscription is working as I got an e-mail about this post, yay! Usually I see your posts on fb, but this is a great way to make sure I don’t miss anything :).

  2. Lol about the time travel. Yay that your daughter is getting less picky! Although I hate seafood, so even I am picky about that lol. Sorry you have to get another computer though :-/

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