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Sunday Update – September 24, 2017

Oops, this Sunday Update is going up on Monday, as that's just an indication of how busy Sunday was this week. But let's start off with last Monday.

Monday, I don't remember much of what happened except to say that I walked in the morning and worked hard through the rest of the day. I made a vegetable barley soup for dinner that night and picked up some ingredients for it from the store next to my daughter's gymnastics gymnasium.

Tuesday was my 13th wedding anniversary. I met up with my writing buddy and friend, Amy, and then I went to Whole Foods to pick up some good things for dinner that night. I bought caviar and fancy cheese, plus some Chilean Sea Bass, and I cooked up a really nice dinner for us. It was a lovely evening at home.

On Wednesday, I had a very busy day with both an chiropractor adjustment and an acupuncture appointment. I'm still getting used to acupuncture. I wouldn't say that I like it, but I think it's working, so I'll keep at it.

On Thursday, we had the day off from school for Rosh Hashanah. We spent the day at home and I took the kids to ride bikes at the school. Everyone was in a pretty good mood!

Friday was pretty easy. My husband worked from home, which is always nice. I shopped for the week of groceries and walked in the park again. The weather this past week was so beautiful that I spent most of it outside!

On Saturday, I got to see my family at my cousin's daughter's first birthday party. I haven't seen my side of the family in a long time, so it was a real treat to hang out with everyone. I brought my oldest to the party and my husband took care of my youngest as she had a friend's birthday to go to. We relaxed in the evening and watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Sunday was apple picking day! We spent the noon lunch hour eating a packed lunch at the apple orchard, picked apples, bought donuts and cider and a few other things, then made it back home with plenty of time for my husband to take the younger child out to get her ears pierced! Then we had dinner together as a family and watched the last sumo match of the September tournament. It was quite the tournament this time around! Lots of injuries and upsets.

In writing and author news, I'm in the home stretch on Daydreamer 4 and I'm coming up on writing the last few chapters. That's going really well. For author stuff, I ran into some drama on Facebook and have decided to just go it alone for a lot of my business from now on. Every time I try to follow a proscribed route to success, it all goes miserably wrong. It's time to shut out all the distractions and be a lone wolf. I need to think outside of the box anyway!

What else happened this week?

Plenty of cooking going on at home between soups and grilled cheese making!

More beautiful days in the park.

Me and my cousin, Kate. I just love her to pieces.

I saw two different sets of crazy lawn mushrooms this week.

Anniversary dinner started off on the right foot.

And it's a sure sign Fall has begun when you can go apple picking!

I hope you all have an awesome week!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Update – September 24, 2017”

    1. Acupuncture is both relaxing and amazing, and torturous at the same time. I’m actually scaling it back to once every two weeks after this because I feel like what I need does not require every week. I’m glad I’m to that point now! Apple picking was fun and didn’t take up the whole day. I call that a win.

  1. Congrats on your 13th anniversary, sounds like you had a nice dinner to celebrate. I don’t think acupuncture would be for me, but I am glad to hear it’s working for you. The apple picking sounds fun! Sorry to hear about the drama on Facebook :(. Those orange mushrooms look great, I’ve been seeing some mushrooms here too now that autumn is here. I hope this week was a good one!

  2. btw I just saw you had an option to subscribe to your blog, but when I clicked it I got an error. Just wanted to let you know. Let me know if there’s another way I can subscribe.

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