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September 2017 Goals

August was a slow month with not much going on, especially compared to last year when I was traveling in Japan! We spent a lot of time off and relaxing. No complaints from me on that! Let's see how I did with my goals.

What Happened With August's Goals?

Edit Hikoboshi 2. Done! Finished this and sent it off to my beta readers. One of them already got back to me! Thank you, Germaine! Lol. This was a tough edit. I ended up writing at least 15k of new material for it, and I had a lot of things to weave in. But it's done for now and I'm able to move on.

Keep writing 500 words a day on Daydreamer 4. This absolutely DID NOT happen. Sigh. I found my brain was preoccupied with Hikoboshi 2 pretty much every day. Even after I was done with edits! Oh well. I set goals but I don't always meet them.

Walking, reading, knitting, and enjoying summer. There was walking this month. There was some reading (mostly non-fiction). There was some knitting! And I definitely enjoyed what little of summer was presented to me. I have to say that August weather here sucks. I want it to be hot. I want to go to the pool every day. But that did not happen this August. I actually wore a sweater today. Major thumbs down.

Let's look at the Runkeeper stats for the year.

I'm now at 714.5 miles for the year so far, and I'm at 71% of my goal. It's been 243 days of this year so far. Multiply that by 2.74 (the minimum I need per day to hit my goal) and the total is approximately 665.82 miles. I'm more than 48 miles past that. I'm doing great with this goal!

As for the month, I surpassed the needed 84.94 just barely by walking 86.8 miles. Not bad for taking a few days off.

A Look Back at August

Business Goals For September

Finish Daydreamer 4. Time to pull on my big girl undies and finish off this book. The kids go back to school and I get my days back. So in order to facilitate this, I have compiled the book as it stands and sent it to my kindle to read. I'm going to refresh my memory on the story over the weekend and pick it up on Monday (even though it's a holiday). I need about 35k-40k written on it.

Personal Goals For September

Walking, reading, knitting, and not freaking out.The usual, except for the added “not freaking out.” Why? I have a kid entering a new school, with new school times, more homework, and I don't do well with changes to my routine. It all makes me very anxious. Hopefully by the second week, we'll be settled in and we'll both be okay.

Enjoy your September everyone!

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  1. Good luck with the writing! Hope September goes well for you . Love the beach pic, although sorry to hear it wasn’t very warm. Our August here was cooler than usual to, and it definitely impacted beach time!

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