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August 2017 Goals

Where did July go? I had a lot to get through this month with my youngest turning 7 and tons of other things on my plate. Let's see how I did with my goals.

What Happened With July's Goals?

Write 40k on Daydreamer 4. I did not write 40k on Daydreamer 4. I think I started the month with about 15k and I ended with 40k. So, not bad. Not what I hoped for, but it took a while to find my stride with this book, understand where I was going with the narrative and battle through some first-draft self-doubt. The good news is that I plan to continue writing on it now that I have some momentum built up.

Launch CRASH LAND ON KURAI. I did this! And the launch went great. I have no regrets and nor am I disappointed or feeling like I should've done something differently. I'm pleased with the outcome and though I haven't made much profit because of my ad spend, I've been selling books every day and KU pages-read have been actively coming in. Two thumbs up!

Finish reading up on plotting and Facebook ads. Done. I finished reading a book on Facebook ads and put it to use right away on CRASH LAND ON KURAI. The ads are doing well!

Read every day. I think I managed to do this. Between the non-fiction books I read and some fiction, plus reading my critique partner's newest book, I read a lot!

Knit more. I haven't knit a lot but I did knit some which is more than I can say for months past.

Walk more. I actually found that I worked on writing better when I wasn't on the treadmill, which is weird. I may be better at editing on the treadmill than writing. Regardless, I did walk and I did write. Did I walk more? No. I took some days off this month due to weather and just needing some time off. Let's look at the Runkeeper stats.

As you can see, I'm at 627 miles for the year so far. So even though I slacked a little in July, I'm still ahead of the game. It's been 212 days of this year so far. Multiply that by 2.74 (the minimum I need per day to hit my goal) and the total is approximately 581 miles. I'm more than 40 miles past that. So I'm good. My rest days haven't impeded on my goals!

As for the month, I just missed hitting the 2.7 miles needed per day. I should've walked 83.7 miles but I only walked 78. I hope to do better next month!

Enjoy summer. I continue to enjoy summer whenever it presents itself. We had some dreary days where it wasn't as warm as I would like. But every day it was nice, I got out there and enjoyed it.

A Look Back at July

I've started doing these monthly videos! Hopefully I can keep this up because it was really fun.

Business Goals For August

Edit Hikoboshi 2. I want this book done by the end of the month and off to readers. It would be nice to have it ready to go for sale by early October, which I think I can hit. I'm pretty sure I can finish my edits by the 20th of this month. I like to walk and edit, so that should work out for me.

Keep writing 500 words a day on Daydreamer 4. 500 words is an easy goal and if I can hit that every day, I should be able to make a big dent in the book by the time I'm done with Hikoboshi 2 edits.

Personal Goals For August

Walking, reading, knitting, and enjoying summer. This is the last month of summer and I need to enjoy it as best I can. When school starts, so starts stress again. With my oldest starting middle school, I fear both for her and my free time which will, no doubt, be sucked up by shuttling her around to more activities than I can dream about now. So, now's the time to enjoy the last days of blissful freedom even though I'll be working like a madwoman.

Enjoy your August everyone!

1 thought on “August 2017 Goals”

  1. That’s great you got so much written on Daydreamer 4 even though it was less than you hoped and I hope the writing goes easier now that you hit your stride.

    I am so happy to hear the launch for Crash land on Kurai went well and you’re selling books every day :)

    Sounds like you did well on your goals during July with the walking, reading and enjoying summer. I’ll have to remember to watch your video later :). Good luck with your August goals!

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