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CRASH LAND ON KURAI Is Now Available and Teaser Tuesday!

CRASH LAND ON KURAI is now available!! Woo hoo!! It's Teaser Tuesday again!! Purchase information is below…

Yumi is the most sarcastic character I've ever written. Generally, most of my characters have a sarcastic streak, just as I do, but I've always kept it toned down. Yumi is the first time I've just let it go. Let it ride. Not only is she sarcastic, but her journalistic tone is a delight. She draws upon her big vocabulary and area of expertise to describe situations she comes across. She's a lot of fun to write! Especially when she tells it like it is, like in this teaser.

Want to order CRASH LAND ON KURAI? You can pick it up for a dollar off the retail price now on! Kindle Unlimited subscribers are now able to borrow the book using the Kindle Unlimited program.

Buy Crash Land on Kurai

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on July 18th!
(You'll be able to choose your bookstore on the following page, if you have not chosen a default Books2Read store already.)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you love the book, and I'll see you again on Thursday!

2 thoughts on “CRASH LAND ON KURAI Is Now Available and Teaser Tuesday!”

  1. Happy release day! I hope it was a good one :). And another great teaser! I liked Yumi’s sarcasm. And I like how you picked a tree for this teaser.

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