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Teaser Thursday – Yumi’s Heart

It's Teaser Thursday for CRASH LAND ON KURAI!!

When I started writing this book, I was reading a non-fiction book on building characters by James Scott Bell, and he suggested that you think back to your character being sixteen. What happened to them at sixteen that will influence them in years to come?

In Yumi's case, when she was sixteen, she was totally in love with this guy, Takeji, but after bearing her soul to him, it turned out that he had been dating her twin brother on the side. Ouch. Though on the surface, she brushed it off, it sent her on a downward spiral of anger and confusion, and she never loved anyone again after that, though she tried to date other guys.

Going on this mission was supposed to help her heal and find some peace. It turns out it just makes her even more confused!

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