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WordPress Scheduled Posts Not Publishing

Okay, this has happened enough times, I've decided to post about it, to get it out there to the Google Hivemind and Internet in case anyone else has the same problem as me.

Every now and then, I schedule posts on this blog to go live at a future date because it's convenient. But then they don't publish. Which is quite inconvenient.

After much hair pulling, searching, and a long conversation with my hosting company, the culprit is the WP SUPER CACHE Plugin. Almost all WordPress installations have it, so I'm pretty sure this is a common problem.

If you find that your posts are NOT publishing when you schedule them to, go to the WP SUPER CACHE plugin settings and DELETE THE CACHE. Just hit the button DELETE CACHE. I promise it won't screw up your website.

Once the cache is cleared, go back to your post that didn't publish, and re-schedule it to go live in the next few minutes, then monitor to see if it works and publishes for when you wanted it to go live. The problem should be all cleared up.

It seems I have to do this at least once or twice per year, and if I have to, no doubt other people do too. Hope this helps!

PS) Random featured image up there because I don't have one made for WordPress issues. It was a bath bomb. Such cool colors!

1 thought on “WordPress Scheduled Posts Not Publishing”

  1. I don’t use Supercache, but I’ve had a couple posts not go up on time. It seems like WordPress has a piece of software called chron that monitors the time the post should go up. But if there’s no website activity at the time, it apparently stays in bed. There’s a plugin you can use that checks every five minutes to see if any posts had failed to load. I think I’ll not worry about it, since I don’t want to overload the server like that. I post at 3:30 a.m., so I’d rather see if it shows up in my RSS feed in Feedly first.

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