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Sunday Update – June 11, 2017

I don't remember much about this week because all I did was work and get children to and from their various social obligations!

Monday, the kids had a playdate after school, so I spent the time working, of course. Tuesday, my oldest daughter had her last tutoring session of the year. I went grocery shopping and worked.

Wednesday was the Girl Scout pool party during which I tried to work, but Amazon went tits up on Wednesday and the site I use to help identify grammar errors in my books also went down, so I socialized instead. I was so sore, though, from all the walking I'd been doing (I walk and work at my treadmill desk) that I had to come home that night and soak in an Epsom Salt bath. I felt much better afterward.

Thursday, I worked and took the kids to the dentist. Friday, I worked (are you noticing a pattern here?) and then took one kid to another pool party and the other kid to gymnastics.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at the pool! Yay for pool season! Guess what I did there? I worked, of course. Lol. But at least I was outside and I did socialize some.

The good news is that all the working paid off, and I finished the major copy edit of CRASH LAND ON KURAI. Now, I'm running it through Grammarly and listening to it. I should be done by Tuesday evening if all goes well. Then I plan to send out ARCs by the end of the week! And it'll be off to my proofreader then too.

This is also the last week of school coming up! I can't believe how quickly the year is flying by! Then the week after next, we're off for vacation which is the main reason I've been pushing so hard to get this thing done. I'm right on track!

What else happened this week?

I tried this lovely apple green tea that came in last month's Bokksu. It was really tasty. Very strong apple scent and flavor. I loved it!

This week has required quite a few alcoholic beverages.

My breakfast has changed and I'm enjoying cereal now. This is a mix of regular and honey nut cheerios. Mmmm.

The ugly tree next door came down this week. Yay! I never liked it.

And I enjoyed a new salad yesterday and today. My buddy, Amy, suggested this. It's arugula, apple, sunflower seeds, and shaved parmesan, with lemon and olive dressing. Really delicious!

And that's it for the week! On Friday, we're having a cover reveal for CRASH LAND ON KURAI and I'll send out a newsletter as well. Have a great week, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – June 11, 2017”

  1. Seems like you had another busy week with work and activities for your kids. I noticed that Amazon was down for a few hours, I hope people didn’t lose out on too many sales because of it.

    That’s great you’re almost finished with Kurai! *does happy dance* I can’t wait for the ARC to arrive so I can start reading soon :).

    And it sounds like you could really use that vacation!

    That apple green tea sounds yummy! I’ve been drinking a lot of jasmine tea recently. I hope you’ll have a great week!

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