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Sunday Update – April 23, 2017

Well, this April is not going as planned at all, but I'm trying to roll with the punches. First, I got sick early in April which put me out of commission for a whole week. Then we had Spring Break and I didn't get much in the way of work done because we were so busy.

Now this week I've been dealing with computer troubles. This was bound to happen. I love my computer and I'm a long time Mac user. Which means I've had five Macs before this one and each time I've upgraded, I've always just plugged in my old computer and told the system to bring over all my files and settings. I knew someday this would be a problem because the OS would get clogged with settings files that were old and out of date. I'm going to run some more tests, but I suspect I'm due to have the whole computer wiped, reformatted, and reinstalled. That will take me many days to accomplish, so I'm gearing up for it now. This week, I spent plenty of hours trouble shooting my problems and I didn't get as much done as I had planned. There goes my lofty April word count goals!

But I did have a lot of success in the writing department despite this setback. I did go back and revise my current WIP, move some things around, and clarify my story points. I also had a great nap/brainstorming session which helped me figure out the whole second act of the book. So now I know where I'm going and what to do. Just gotta do it.

In other news, if you're on my mailing list, I sent out a newsletter this week asking my readers to fill out my Readers Survey. The results so far have been great! I've had over 300 entries so far and the feedback is about 90% positive. If you haven't taken the survey yet, please check your email and follow the link there. I'll be sending out a reminder email tomorrow or Tuesday to those that didn't open their emails. I plan on doing a Facebook Live video to talk over the results! Hopefully on May 1st. If you're not a FB user, no worries. I will download the video when it's done, and upload it to Youtube afterward.

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday, and we spent it in traffic driving out to visit family and in traffic on the way back. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, for once, despite my computer troubles. Let's go to the photo evidence…

What else happened this week?

I found my omikuji from Asakusa when I went to Japan in August! It had been hiding in my wallet, and I came upon it when I finally decided to clean out all my receipts. This is a paper fortune that you pay 100 yen for at the temple. Omikuji are truly special and I have mentioned them in several of my books. Mine was pretty good! I hadn't been expecting a good fortune when I got it.

Early strawberries are coming around the stores! I bought two packages and cut them all up for me and the kids.

Somedays you need a drink to go with the bags under your eyes.

Somedays you also may need ice cream in the middle of the day with some good reading.

Computer trouble. Boo.

My park is looking gorgeous. I love walking here.

And just today, my youngest got to go to the local horses stable and see how horses are groomed and ride one around for a bit! She loved it. :heart:

This week on the blog, I'm planning a Book Chat before the end of the week, and that's it. Because I plan on writing my heart out!! Gotta get the words in somehow.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – April 23, 2017”

  1. Sorry to hear your April hasn’t gone like you would like so far and that you’re dealing with computer troubles as well. I hope you can fix them fast, it really is annoying when your computer doesn’t work like it should.

    I am glad to hear you did have some good writing related progress and that nap helped.

    I ad fun filling out your reader survey, but picking one favorite book is so hard. I would’ve gladly skipped that question if I could. i am curious to hear the results. And that’s awesome 90% so far has been positive!

    That’s great you finally found your omikuj! I hope this week is a good one for you!

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