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April 2017 Goals

Despite a ton of personal obligations in March, I did rather well with my goals for the month, so now it's time to look forward to April and decide what to do this month!

What Happened With March's Goals?

Start two brand new books. I nailed this! Started both Hikoboshi 2 and Daydreamer 4 and am more than 10k into both books. I'm excited about both stories and prepared to move forward with writing them both during April and May. I hope to finish them by June 1.

Promote THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE OPENS A TEA SHOP. Done and done. The book is out there and I did teasers for it, and promoted it both to my newsletter list, social media, and ran some Amazon ads on it.

Learn more about MailPoet. Done. I have this all set up on my server and I hope to move my whole mailing list to it by summer. I just heard they're updating the plugin, and though I have some reservations about what they're offering, I'm hoping to upgrade too.

Format all the Kami No Sekai stories with Vellum. Didn't happen. I just didn't have the time this month. Hopefully soon.

More walking. Though I had some days in March where I didn't walk at all, I did well with this goal and hit at least 2.8 miles of walking each day. This leaves me on task for my yearly goal.

As you can see, I've already walked 287.1 miles this year, which is about 39 more miles than what I need to stay on goal. This means I could basically rest for 2/3rd of a month and still be on track to hit my goal in December.

This total for March is just a little over 2.8 miles per day, which is the basic minimum I need to hit my goal. All in all, this is one thing that's working out for me this year like gangbusters!

More audiobooks. I was only able to listen to one audiobook this month and I found it totally enthralling, so no big deal.

Get through all the personal stuff this month. I made it through everything by the skin of my teeth.

Business Goals For April

Keep writing. I would like 1000 words on each book, each day for April, which means another 30,000 on each book. Right now, Hikoboshi 2 is at 14k and Daydreamer 4 is at 12k, so I'd like to see them at 44k and 42k respectively. Let's see how I do with this! We have spring break right in the middle of April and I may not be able to write as much.

Get covers made for Hikoboshi 1 and 2. I have my favorite cover designer booked! I'm super excited and we get started next week!

Listen to and finish Mark Dawson's Ads for Authors Course. I bought this course and I've gone through the first 3 modules. I want to put what I learn to practice and be using it by May.

Personal Goals For April

More audiobooks. This is an easy one.

More walking. This is my goal every month this year.

Start an herb garden. I need a hobby and I suck with plants, but I'd like to do something that doesn't require my hands too much (like knitting does) and gives me something to watch and use. Herbs are a good idea, so I'm going to give it a shot.

Read up on AppleScript. I bought books to help me learn AppleScript because I want to automate some tasks on my Mac that take up a ton of time for no good reason. Hopefully this will help.

4 thoughts on “April 2017 Goals”

    1. I love walking so much. It’s the way for me to calm my head. I’m glad I’ve already put in a lot of miles because I had a virus last week that put me down and off walking for a few days. I’m glad I’m back at it now. :)

  1. That’s great you did so well with your March goals! I am excited you started writing two new books this month! And neat you’re ahead of schedule with your walking. I am really curious to see the covers for Hikoboshi! I hope that ad course you bought is great and you can work through it in April. Good luck with your April goals!

    1. The ads course has been really great so far and I’m learning a lot. I’m also really excited about my covers and I hope the design process goes well. Najla and I brainstormed this week and I hope to have some preliminary designs going by next week.

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