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Book Chat #31 – Tracy Krimmer and Margaret Atwood

It was a busy month with a lot of revisions and personal obligations. So my reading and audiobooks were light.

LANDING LUCK by Tracy Krimmer

I proofread this one for my critique partner and super enjoyed it. It was a cute and fun story about Aida who continually embarrasses herself and gets herself into trouble. I laughed out loud and enjoyed the tale.

ALL THAT GLITTERS by Tracy Krimmer

My critique partner got a lot of my time this month! I also read her next contemporary romance! This story is great because the rock star is the woman and she's trying to get her life together. I love the unique angle on this, and Tracy has the story down pat. When it comes out, you'll love it too.

THE HANDMAID'S TALE by Margaret Atwood

Guys, I'm so glad I read this book again. Damn. First of all, Margaret Atwood is my author hero. I've loved her and her work forever, and she's an inspiration to me in my own career. Second, I had forgotten how amazing and disturbing this story is, how prescient it is. This could be happening RIGHT NOW. We could be heading for this future right this moment. It was actually scary, but worth it to read again. The narration by Claire Danes was so on point. Her voice was perfect for this story, so expressive and clear. This book and audiobook is a highly recommend. No one should pass this book up.

And that's it! I'll be back at the end of April for more chatting about books!

2 thoughts on “Book Chat #31 – Tracy Krimmer and Margaret Atwood”

  1. I also have read Landing Luck last month! It was such a fun short read, Tracy really writes those novella’s well. I am really looking forward to All that Glitters!
    I have heard of that book The handmaiden’s Tale, but haven’t read it myself. It sounds like a dystopian read? I do enjoy those now and then, but it’s also scary as you can imagine some of those things actually happening.

    1. The Handmaid’s Tale is dystopian and it is eerily current with the events happening in the States right now. We’re literally five steps from this future. It was really good. The epilogue really did it for me. It brought everything into clear focus on what happened in the story and why it was told the way it was told. I can’t recommend it enough!

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