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Sunday Update – March 5, 2017

It's March, people! Daylight Saving Time starts next weekend, and spring is on its way. So no complaints from me about the weather except for it's like 15ºF outside right now. :( Boo.

The week started out with the release of THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE OPENS A TEA SHOP! All in all, the launch went moderately well. My newsletters went out and I sold some books. Then Amazon's servers crashed the day after, of course. And then my book fell off the sales cliff on Saturday with zero sales, so now it's time to move on!

But we did a lot this week! My kid had an at-school event on Tuesday, I went to Panera on Wednesday, and then did the gym on Thursday. They had a half day on Friday, too. Now we also have Girl Scout cookies to distribute! I'm excited to try the new flavors.

I also finished my second draft of Hikoboshi 1 and sent it off to readers. I'm excited about this book and hoping it'll be well-received. Sending off a book means that it's time to start writing new books! I hope to sit down and get to them this week. It'll be weird being in first draft mode again. I hope I can do it. I always doubt that I'll be able to write another book, but when I sit down and really start working, I always make it happen. I need to remember that.

What else happened this week?

Release Day meant a big, indulgent breakfast, and then ice cream with my kids after school.

I really wanted to turn that shrimp around. Lol.

I really want to reduce eye strain while at the computer so I got these blue light filtering glasses. Pretty cute! And so far very helpful. I also installed F.lux on my computer which helps reduce blue light as well. So far so good.

I got in a walk outside this week before it turned brutally cold.

So now that I'm walking indoors and not working on the treadmill (for now), I'm listening to my audiobook and watching these videos on YouTube of walking on the beach. They're a great way to keep me from constantly looking at the treadmill time.

And we went to Casino Night last night, which was a fundraiser for our school. It was a lot of fun and I played at the roulette table all night long. I even won some prizes at the end! But we were out WAY past our bed time and I'm tired today. I should take the day off but I know I have a lot to do! :)

This week on the blog: teasers for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE OPENS A TEA SHOP on Tuesday and Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – March 5, 2017”

  1. I am sorry to hear your launch didn’t go so well as you expected, but it’s nice you still sold some copies. And what bad timing with their server crashing right after your new release.

    Yay for finishing the first draft of Hikoboshi. Do you already know what you’re writing next?

    Is that fake bacon next to your bagel? It looks so funky!

    I might have to look into flux as well, I heard some good things about it. I already have my screen on the lowest brightness setting, but it still seems pretty bright.

    That casino night sounds fun and I hope they made some money for the school. I hope next week is a good week!

    1. I will be writing Hikoboshi 2 and Daydreamer 4 next. :) I’ve been brainstorming both and I’d like to go back to writing on two per day. What I’m thinking about doing is starting one on Monday, starting the other on Tuesday, go back and forth between the two for the first week, then start writing on both in a same day the following week. Ramp up is always hard for me, but once the story gets going, I should be good.

      F.lux is really nice and FREE. So definitely check it out. Between that and the special glasses I’ve noticed that my eyes are not as tired, and I’m sleeping better, even after only a few days of use!

      And yeah, that’s fake bacon. I love it. It’s salty and smoky. Yum. Lol.

  2. I didn’t even realize Daylight Savings was coming up. That means we’re gonna lose an hour, right? -_-

    15 degrees??! Yikes! Here I am complaining that it’s been like 72 in the house at night lol.

    Sorry the Amazon server messed with your release :-/ But at least you’ve got cookies to look forward to. I didn’t even know they had new flavors. And the casino night thing looks like it was fun! Have a great week :-)

    1. Yep! DST starts next weekend, and guess where I’ll be? Girl Scout camp! (Kill me now). And yeah, it’s been stupid cold here the last few days. A far cry from the beautiful 60 and 70 degree days we had last week.

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