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Teaser Thursday – Typhoon Amanda

It's time for teaser images for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE OPENS A TEA SHOP! First up, when Typhoon Amanda finally enters Mei's life, she causing mayhem and destruction, and poor Mei is left dealing with the clean-up. I remember writing this and thinking of the imagery of dealing with natural disasters, and I've decided it'll be a significant part of the next book of the series! Hopefully that little tease will hold you over until the next book is available.

THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE OPENS A TEA SHOP is now available! Get caught up with Mei and her hometown of Chikata, or start the series with THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE and see how it all started.

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4 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday – Typhoon Amanda”

  1. I like this description and the comparison to weather as it seems fitting in this case. And it fits Amanda. I really disliked her attitude and I felt so bad for Mei for having to deal with her. Great teaser!

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