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Sunday Update - February 5, 2017 - S. J. Pajonas
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Sunday Update – February 5, 2017

I can barely remember what I did this week. It was one of those weeks that was filled with tons of little things to do and I'm surprised I got any real work done.

Monday was my best day, I think. I spent the time while the kids were at school working on my copy edits for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE OPENS A TEA SHOP. Nothing else really happened so it was a pretty good day, if cold.

Tuesday, it snowed and I spent a good two hours completing a Costco run. This always takes up a lot of my time. I only go once every 3 or 4 months, so when I do, I buy a lot. The hard part is getting it all back into the house and put away. I crammed all my edits into the afternoon and evening on Tuesday because my morning was spent shopping.

On Wednesday, the cleaning ladies were here and I worked in the basement, then I continued my edits in the evening while the kids were at tennis. Thursday was gym day which takes up my morning, so again I crammed edits into the afternoon while my kids had piano lessons.

Friday, I went to Panera to hang out with my buddy, Amy. I got some edits done before Panera and after. I very rarely actually work at Panera, Lol. I spend a lot of time talking to Amy about life and writing, so I do get a lot done, just not on the computer. We talked a little of our upcoming projects and what we want to be working on. That's often as helpful as just working! I really value the time we can get together and talk this stuff over.

Yesterday, I put the pedal to the metal and got three chapters of editing done, which only leaves three chapters left of the whole book. I'm so close! I hope to work hard today and finish up. I did promise to take the kids out to get Valentine's Day cards and to get frozen yogurt as well so I have to start working as soon as I post this.

What else happened this week?

All the geese were curled up on the ice. It was cold and I'm not going to walk in that freezing temperature again.

I had a fabulous lunch after going to the gym on Thursday.

Working working working. On the couch and in bed.

And drinks were had.

Expect posting to be very light on the blog this week. I have a lot of work to do, and I don't have any posts banked up for the interim. See you all later!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – February 5, 2017”

  1. If I went to Panera I probably wouldn’t get any work done either, haha. But at least you had a good time and got to talk things out which can definitely help when it comes to creative stuff! And it sounds like you got lots of editing done this week, so yay! Plus drinks, that totally counts for something ;-)

  2. I hope I can finish my current Kobo read soon so i can start the third daydreamer book, I am so excited about that one. Sorry to hear you got snow, I know how much you hate winter. We got some snow today.

    Even though you didn’t got much writing done you Panera visit still sounds nice, it’s fun to just talk and catch up with friends sometimes. That lunch you had looks very good! I hope this week was a good one!

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