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Sunday Update – January 29, 2017

Another busy week has passed us by! This week in particular was harder than others because my husband was gone all week while all this craziness was happening at home here in the US. He was in London for work, and we were only able to talk to him twice due to busy schedules. But he's home now! Yay!

My work life this week was dominated by revisions of THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE OPENS A TEA SHOP. I'm on a schedule to edit two chapters every day and hopefully publish this book at the end of February. This is the copy edit phase of production. I've heard back from my initial readers that there are no real flaws with the story, a few loose ends to be tied up, and overall, they were very happy with it. Which is awesome! Now, I'm fixing things like sentence structure, repetitive words, and clarifying anything that was unclear. This is where my stories usually get 100x better, so I enjoy the process of nitty gritty word-level editing. It's fun and really brings out the clarity of the story.

I didn't do much besides work on Monday. Tuesday was busy with work, school, tutoring for my oldest, and then Girl Scouts for her in the evening. Wednesday, my kids had their usual tennis lessons. They go from 4PM to 5PM, and this was the week that we left tennis lessons and it was still light outside!! That makes me so happy, knowing we're getting more light every day and winter, though still in full swing, is fading away little by little.

Thursday was a day off for us, which was nice. We had nothing to do after school and could just kick back and rest. Friday was mayhem in the evening. My youngest has gymnastics right before dinner, so I took her there, and then we all got some pizza next door afterward. My husband's plane back from London landed early, so I then ran home to make sure he had something to eat. I knew he had a really crappy flight back as he was bumped from his seat to a lower class, and coming home to a hot meal would be nice for him.

Yesterday, I went for a nice long walk in the morning and then worked until we all went out for a belated birthday fancy meal together. I got to eat lobster, which I love, and both kids came along too. It was a nice family meal together, even if the youngest kid only ate bread and cheese and didn't want ANY of the 100 desserts on offer. Sigh. Always something.

What else happened this week?


I cooked butternut squash in my Instant Pot and loved that I didn't have to peel it.

Lots of working and some of it done in bed.

I only asked for one thing from London, Crunchie Bars. Lol. I got them!

I had two lobsters at dinner last night. I regret nothing.

And that's it for this week! I expect to update the blog twice again this week, so I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon!

S. J. Pajonas