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What I’m Thinking About This Wednesday…

I'm much happier when I can get out and walk a few times per week. Something about the fresh air and the sky above really keeps my spirits up.

I really love when my house is clean and organized and quiet. It does good things for my brain and my creativity.

I'm so over Twitter that I might be completely done there by the end of the month and only ever just let the automated stuff take hold.

Making food ahead of time for the week is a great idea and I really should do that more often. Need to figure out how to make that happen on the weekends.

I'm so very glad that I finished another book! The first book of the Hikoboshi series is done and now I can get to editing the next Daydreamer book.

I have way too many books on my Kindle. I may make it a policy to cut back on book buying this year. I have already switched over to only buying a book if I can get it cheap on Audible.

Considering that this time last year I was waiting at the hospital for my youngest child to get out of surgery (she was having the rods in her arm removed from when she broke it the previous September), this year is starting off pretty great already!

8 thoughts on “What I’m Thinking About This Wednesday…”

  1. I haven’t been on twitter a lot lately except to schedule posts on my accounts. I favor facebook most of the time.

    I usually make dinner for two days and it’s so nice to know the second day that I have some extra time as I don’t need to cook dinner and only need to reheat it.

    I also have way too many books and I still can’t stop buying or getting new ones. I love the feeling of getting new books to much. I picked up a bunch of freebies this week and some new review copies.

    i really hope to read Ozoni and Onsens later this month. Let me know when I can add it to goodreads for you. I would like to leave a short review there for it after I have read it.

    1. I so rarely make enough dinner to last two days! I should do that more often. :)

      I’ll give you the information for O&O when I get the pre-order up for Daydreamer 3 hopefully over the weekend! :)

      I said I wasn’t going to buy books and then I bought three in the last two days. I’m weak.

  2. Congrats on finishing another book! And I’m glad your year is starting off well :-) I’m still a complete failure at Twitter, but I keep kind of trying for some reason lol.

  3. Congrats on the book finish! Twitter I totally understand, I like it but sometimes the drama… I just sign off. And I like getting out in the fresh air and sunshine too- although that’s in short supply around here this time of year!

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