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Sunday Update – November 20, 2016

There's not much to say about this week except that it was both busy and painful.

On Monday, I had a regular six-month check-up at the dentist and it did not go well. I had a new hygienist, who even though she knew I was using toothpaste for sensitivity and I flinched and said “ouch” several times, used a lot of force to clean my teeth. At one point during the cleaning, I started laughing because I couldn't believe how painful it was. It was probably the worst cleaning I'd had in 20 or more years. Then I was supposed to have one tooth bonded and the other filled at the same appointment, but the appointment got screwed up and they asked me to come back. I went to my car and cried, and man did I need that cry. I had held off crying after the elections, just being angry or numb, but I guess the pain was too great in both my heart and my mouth to hold off.

I came home and took pain killers and watched TV. You gotta understand something about me. I take my job as an author really seriously, and I NEVER turn on the TV at home during the day. I feel I should be working instead. The most I've ever done is a half hour of NHK while I eat lunch. So for me to just sit and watch TV for a couple of hours means something is really wrong. I was in pain all the way through Tuesday.

Tuesday, it was pouring rain like the apocalypse. I was going to go grocery shopping and to the gym, but I was still in pain and didn't feel like dealing with that AND the rain. I stayed home. I wish I could say I worked. I barely had the energy to do that. When the evening came, and I was feeling better, I worked then.

Wednesday, I went grocery shopping and to the chiropractor then I wrote in the afternoon before school got out and then at my girls' tennis lessons. Now when we leave tennis lessons it's after dark. :( I hate driving in the dark.

Thursday, I went back to the dentist to get my filling and bonding. This was a more pleasant experience, which is totally backwards. My dentist himself is pretty gentle and great at what he does. I also talked with them about switching hygienists and they took care of it for my next appointment. My mouth was numb until after lunch, and the injection site hurt until the next day. Still I managed to take my kid to get her glasses at Lenscrafters and then the other one went to Girl Scouts and had a great time.

Friday, I had a haircut appointment in the morning and then talked my friend, Amy's, ear off about my current WIP. She's been a great sounding board for me and this project, and she helped me clarify my objectives for this book and the series.

Yesterday, I got Dragon up and running on the old family PC (everyone in this family uses Macs now) and dictated. It is soooooo much nicer on the PC. I'm amazed at how well it works! Between dictation and typing, I got in over 2500 words yesterday and I hope to do the same today.

NaNoWriMo is going really well. I'm getting into this story and seeing a lot of potential for the entire series. I'd like to shoot for 7 to 8 books with this series, so after this book is done, I'm going to plot out the next few.

What else happened this week?


We invested in a new flute for my oldest. It's the same brand I had when I was a kid. I love it.


Our neighbors behind us took out a giant dead tree this week. It was fun watching the guys up there. They are all super brave.



There was lots of sumo wrestling watching this week. The grand tournament is happening now in Fukuoka and we watch the highlights every day and get the kids involved too.



Dragon is now installed and running on this old PC laptop. If this goes well for me over the next few months, I will buy a cheap, lighter and smaller PC laptop and upgrade. This one weighs FIVE TONS (not really but it's at least 4x heavier than my MacBook Air) and I'd love to not break my back bringing it anywhere. Also the battery on it is a piece of crap. It lasts 45 minutes unplugged.

And that's all for this week! I'm actually looking forward to blogging more frequently once NaNoWriMo is over. Have a great week everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US celebrating this week!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – November 20, 2016”

  1. I hate going to the dentist, I don’t like the cleanings, but I don’t think they’ve ever hurt so much either. I am sorry to hear that cleaning hurt so much, sounds like something didn’t go quite right. And that you kept hurting till the next day, that sounds like it was really severe. And some days you just feel too bad to work and that’s okay, with the pain and feeling bad I can understand why you just watched tv.

    Good to hear your second dentist visit was a lot better and you got switched to a new hygienist. My mouth always stays numb so long too, it’s annoying as I can barely eat or drink anything until it’s over.

    That’s handy you still had an old pc to install dragon on and it works so much. I keep getting excited when I hear you talk about this new series. Oh and potential for 7 till 8 books, that sounds great! I hope this week will be a good one.

  2. I swear most dental hygienists are just sadists. It’s like, well, YEAH it hurts and bleeds because anyone is going to hurt and bleed when you shove sharp things into their gums and teeth, no matter how well they care for their teeth. Sorry you had such a bad experience :-/ It does sound like everything just built up too. That’s the worst.

    I’m glad you managed to get some writing in and that the end of the week was better than the start :-)

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