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NaNoWriMo – Update – Week 2

This update is coming very late and will be very brief. I just had a major breakthrough in the plot for this novel and the whole series! Wow! I wondered if and when it would happen. I doubted it would happen. I really did. I knew something was missing but I didn't know what.

This was one of those things that outlining just wouldn't fix, you know? Deep down inside, I'm a discovery writer who needs a plan. Is that weird? Lol. I'm coining a new term. I'm a framework writer. I need a skeleton for the body and then I fill in all the muscles and organs. I need a frame for my house and then I put in the kitchen and bedrooms, dress the windows, and paint the walls. That's how I write. I have a framework of an outline and then I go through and, bit by bit, I add in all the details, being sure to stick to the plan wherever possible. But hey, if I decide to expand the kitchen or finish the basement, that's okay. I can do that. Makes sense?

Anyway, today I figured out the secret that I'm going to have my characters solve by the end of the series. It's deep and a little scary, but I think my readers will love it. It totally fits in my Nogiku universe and it's new and different too. I'm so thrilled!

Today, I crossed the 20k mark on the story and I think I'm still on track to get my 50k this November! Woooo! Be back tomorrow for the Sunday Update!

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  1. Now I am curious! That’s great you had a breakthrough with your novel. It does sound fun to discover new things while writing and it sounds like the framework method works for you :). Glad to hear you’re still on track!

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