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Sunday Update – October 2, 2016

Another busy week that just flew on by! My kids had Monday off from school (and they have tomorrow off as well) and the rest of the week was packed with things to do.

Monday, we bummed around home as much as possible, but I still dragged the kids out to go grocery shopping with me. I figured I might as well get it over with and keep them occupied as well. On Tuesday, the kids had their class photos day, so we started out with lots of work on their hair and making their outfits look perfect. I spent the day glad to be alone. Lol. I was going to go to the gym but I realized how tired I was in the morning, so I laid down instead, and then got up to walk and edit on the treadmill.

On Wednesday, I went to Panera to work with Amy for the day. It was nice to get out and have someone else make food for me. :) On Thursday, I finally went to the gym, then on Friday, my husband worked from home, so I worked on the treadmill most of the day before cooking in the kitchen for almost 4 hours straight.

The weekend has been going great! We had to take both kids to separate birthday parties yesterday and we had a great homemade soup for dinner last night, and today, we plan not to do much. :) Which is how it should be.

I've been working all week. I wrote on Daydreamer 3 until I finished a chapter on Monday, when I switched over to working on the short story that I wrote this summer. I edited that and have been copyediting since then. Today, I have two more scenes to copyedit and then I'll work on the cover before sending it off to readers. I plan to have it up on the vendors in about ten days! I love this short story. It's bittersweet but full of hope. All about life's challenges. I hope y'all like it!

What else happened this week?


We went to the park on Monday, and there were some beautiful flowers in the garden!


I took the time away from my computer to read.



I tried out some new recipes this week. Honey garlic salmon and Tofu Rama (Thai-style peanut sauce).


Amazon Drive reminded me that it was 12 years ago this week my husband and I were on our honeymoon! We went to Curacao. Yes, the water was that lovely.


I went to the gym to lift weights. I'm getting pretty strong!


And I purchased my Young Living essential oils starter kit. I'm not selling them (though if you want a link to sign-up I can help you with that!) but I've been using essential oils for about a year and I like them. I've been working on decreasing my dependence on chemical cleaners and medicines by using them, and they've really helped with things like poor sleep, headaches, and low energy. I'm excited to have this kit now!

I've also started a new calendar in iCal to help me plan out posts on the blog. I'd like to update at least once per week outside of the Sunday Update, so I need to get on that!

Hopefully this week, another post about my trip to Japan! I need to get my photos off my camera for this one. :)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Update – October 2, 2016”

  1. At first I thought that was a GIANT glass of wine, then I realized your fingers were also giant and it’s just the perspective of the photo, haha.

    You spent *four hours* cooking?! I would never cook anything that I knew would take me four hours. Not worth it lol. I’m not a cooking person. Though all the food in those photos does look good, minus the fish. (I’m not a seafood person either.)

    That’s awesome that you’re getting into essential oils! I’ve also moved away from chemicals as much as possible in the past few years.

    Have a great week!

    1. Yeah, it definitely came out to around 4 hours of cooking. First I made apple crisp, which involved peeling and cutting all the apples, etc. Then when that was in the oven, I peeled and cut the rest of the apples and froze those. Then I made dinner for the kids, Then I made dinner for my husband and me. It was a long time to be standing but I listened to a few podcasts and my audiobook, so I got a lot done. After, I fell into a heap on the couch. Lol. I don’t really like cooking either, but audiobooks make it tolerable.

      It is a pretty big glass of wine! We broke out the big guns that night. ;)

  2. Sorry I am only now stopping by, it’s been a busy week. Oh what did you cook that required four hours of cooking or were it multiple things?

    Oh I can’t wait to read this short story. They are always so fun! This one was about a tree right?

    Yum that Tofu Rama looks good! I only have a few good tofu recipes, but tofu with peanut sauce is always good.

    I am glad to hear those oils help you. Do you also smell them in the house? I never used anything like that, so not quite sure what to expect. I hope you’re having a good week!

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