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October 2016 Goals

Each month seems to speed by faster than the last. I've heard this is what getting old is like. Lol. Time crawls when you're young, but speeds up as you get older. Le sigh.

What Happened With September's Goals?

Finish the next Daydreamer Book. This didn't happen. :( Which I'm upset about because I'm fighting to get through this book. Not because I'm not interested in it, but because of my overall mental state. I just think 2016 is out to kick my butt, and I will need to reboot really hard in the New Year. Anyway, I'm going to finish it this month, because even though I didn't finish it in September, I did work on it. I'm at 53k and I need to write another 30k. I can do that!

Travel to Vancouver. We went and we had a great time. But the trip definitely interfered with my other goals this month.

Edit my last short story and get it off to readers. I'm working on this now! I'm half way through the copyedits and I should be able to send it off to my readers by Monday.

Publish blog posts about my trip to Japan. I've only done one of these.

Keep up with the exercise. I wasn't as good about this this month due to a lot of school off days and bad weather.

Keep reading. I've been reading! And listening to audiobooks, too!

Knit. I don't think I knit at all in September. :(

Bake more muffins. I did bake some muffins but only one batch.

Business Goals For October

More blog posts. I faltered with the blog in September. With back to school, and our trip to Vancouver, I had to put it on hold to work on other things. But now I've set up a separate calendar for it in iCal and I plan to write on it at least once per week besides the Sunday Updates.

Finish Daydreamer 3. If I plan to do NaNoWriMo, I have to finish Daydreamer 3. No two ways about that. I need to plot out the last third of this book, and get to writing.

Finish and publish my next short story. It's almost done, and even though it's a short story, it'll be good to publish something this month.

Plot out some ideas for my NaNoWriMo book. I've been talking about this book a little on FB groups, but with very few details because it's still forming in my head. It'll be the beginning of a new series, and I have lots of ideas for it. I may pants most of it, but I need to do some research first!

Personal Goals For October

More knitting. Jesus, why is it so hard for me to fit in knitting? The days just zip by and then I'm dead on the couch and too tired to do anything, much less knit. I've been working on this shawl for TWO YEARS. I need to finish it already!

More exercise. Writing and editing means spending time on the walking treadmill. I'm setting a goal of walking 70 miles this month. I think I hit that goal last month, though Runkeeper didn't keep track of my walking in Vancouver.

Try four new recipes this month. I liked the muffin recipe I tried out on the kids this past month, and I also tried out a new salmon recipe. This month I'm hoping to try a spicy cauliflower recipe I pinned and a sweet potato and kale curry.