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Sunday Update – September 18, 2016

This was quite a crazy week! Mainly because we started it off in Vancouver! Yep, we flew to Vancouver last Saturday (Sept 10) and we were there until Wednesday. It was a business trip for my husband, and I was expected to come, so we brought the kids too and made a little vacation out of it. I say “little vacation” because, although we did some fun stuff there, it wasn't relaxing. My husband was in all-day sessions and I was in charge of taking care of the kids and keeping them occupied, except for the two times I hired a nanny for the sessions I was expected to attend. We did have a great time in Vancouver, though! I took the kids to the aquarium and the science center, both of which were really cool. We ate a ton of great food and enjoyed the cooler weather.

We returned Wednesday night and got back to work on Thursday. It was great to get the kids back to school and they were happy to see their friends again. I immediately got back to work too! I'm feeling good about all I have in front of me now.

I continued to read Daydreamer 3 and make little changes so I can get on with the writing. Yesterday, I hit the end of what I've already written! And I'm prepared to start writing new material later today. I posted on Facebook to my friends that I've decided to institute a new production schedule…

I'm instituting a new production schedule, mainly for my own sanity. After going through a huge dry spell and depression earlier this year because I pushed myself too hard, I think it's appropriate to make a change.

I'll be trying out a six months on, six months off schedule. Six months of writing, with scheduled promotions of my back list. Six months of publishing, with promotions of my front list. It won't feed the Amazon algorithms as nicely as publishing consistently, but even when I'm doing well at Amazon, it's still less than $1000 per month, so I don't see the merit in pushing myself hard to hit monthly deadlines all year round.

So September to February, I'm writing. March to August, I'll be publishing, hopefully 4 books, which is approximately every 45 days. The only exceptions will be the short story I want to publish this November because I already promised I'd do it.

We'll see how this works for me! I've already scheduled promotions for REMOVED through February and I have a few others planned with box sets of my work (which doesn't count as publishing, since it's just repackaging older work). Let the fun times begin!

As you know from my anniversary post, I hit a real low earlier this year and I think this new production schedule will work well for me. I'm going to aim to write 3 books during the six months of writing time, maybe a short story or two as well for my mailing list or anthologies. If I write anything more, I will be pleased, but I would actually be happy with two books. I'm learning to be flexible! As of today, I have submitted/paid for promotions for REMOVED through February, and I do plan on having a sale on THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE in late winter. This is all about keeping the back list alive while I work on the front list. It's a lot of work, but worth it.

What else happened this week?


The Vancouver Aquarium had the coolest jellyfish. These were Fried Egg Jellyfish.



My kids loved playing in the Animal Rescue Center!


This guy was super friendly and loved hanging out.


I didn't take many photos at the Science Center but this one totally stumped me. You were supposed to get the blue “collar” off the dog. I spent a ton of time trying and couldn't figure it out!


The Olympic Cauldron was all lit up one night!


And we had fireworks just for us over the water!


Vancouver was absolutely beautiful. I love Canada!


And Canada just wouldn't be Canada without maple syrup. :)


But once I was back home, it was back to work. I spent Thursday at Panera working and then Friday I listened in on a webcast about Facebook Ads while knitting.

Now it's time to get back to work! I hope to post on the blog this week about my trip to Japan, so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – September 18, 2016”

  1. It does sound like you had a nice mini vacation/ business trip! And I hope the new schedule for your writing and publishing works out well. Although I am sad this will mean 6 months so new books, but 3-4 books in the other 6 months does sound neat. I am looking forward to the next short story :)

    Those pictures fo the aquarium you visited looks great and it seems like your kids had fun too. Oh and I am curious about that dog and collar puzzle, I like puzzles and that one looks like a fun but difficult one. I wish i could give it a try.

    Canada sounds like a great country to visit and that picture of Vancouver looks great with all the water and the mountains in the background. Maple syrup is so pricey here, but I do like it. I wonder if it is any cheaper in Canada. I hope you’ll have a great week!

    1. I’m going to give the new schedule a shot, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get a month or two in and I’ll hate it. As you know, I’m pretty flexible. Maybe what I really need is no expectations and no schedules? Just write and publish when I have stuff done? I know an author that recently wrote a short story in a day, edited it, and got it up on Amazon the next day! He’s amazing, and I wondered if I need that sort of flexibility? I’m not sure. Sigh. But I like talking these things out here with you all because you all have such great ideas! Could be you think of something that I did not.

      Canada is a fabulous country! I’m sure you would like it. It’s a more European version of the U.S. And yes, I’m sure maple syrup is both less expensive and more expensive there because they have so many varieties. It’s almost like wine. Like you can buy a cheap table wine or buy a vintage wine. Same with maple syrup! I’ve been to three provinces now in Canada (Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) and I’d like to see more of it.

      We did have a nice trip but I’m happy to be home and not traveling again until November. I need the break! :)

  2. Love the pictures, Stephanie. I’ll bet the kids liked the aquarium & science center. Good luck with your new program. I hope it works for you.

  3. The aquarium and science center sounds fun! Fried Egg Jellyfish, how unique lol. And I’ve always loved those puzzle things at museums. Those are like the best part to me, haha. I just love puzzle type things in general and tend to be pretty good at them. That dog one does look like a hard one though.

    And that’s great that you’re planning to try a new schedule that might work better for you. I think it’s great that you actually try different ways of doing things, try to learn more, etc. when it comes to your publishing and promoting and all that. If I ever actually write a book, you will be my role model!

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