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September 2016 Goals

Wow. Where did August go? I feel like it flew by! Especially now that my trip to Japan has come and gone. :( But school starts soon and my freedom returns. Let's get started!

What Happened With August's Goals?

Finish the next Daydreamer Book. I didn’t finish the book BUT I am still writing it. I worked on it as much as I could up to leaving for Japan, and I've taken a break since then. Yesterday I opened the book again and got back to work on it!

Travel to Japan. I went! And it was the best trip I've been on in a long time. I'll have some blog posts about it in the coming weeks but you might want to check out my photos on Instagram!

Continue working on my Facebook ads. Yep. These are still going and I think I have the knack of things! I have one ad running all the time and I'm gaining Likes on my Page as well.

Keep up with the exercise. I walked SO MUCH in Japan! Everywhere, up hills and mountainsides and around town. I've been home for three days and taking it easy because I had blisters on both feet. Hoo boy, was I tired every day! But good tired. Tomorrow, it's back to the gym.

Keep reading. I read plenty this month! Definitely see my post from yesterday on one of the best books I've read in a long time.

Knit. I did not finish the shawl, but I'm still knitting. I knit in Japan, on the plane, and now at home again.

Business Goals For September

Finish the next Daydreamer Book. It has to happen this month, so I'm going to figure out how many words I need to write, divide that by how many days I have, and give myself a daily word count to hit.

Travel to Vancouver. I’ll be in Vancouver early in the month for my husband's work. It'll be inconvenient but we'll make it happen.

Edit my last short story and get it off to readers. I want to publish this one in October.

Publish blog posts about my trip to Japan. This should be fun! I can't wait to show you all I saw! And while I was in Japan, I wrote in Evernote every day about what I did there so I wouldn't forget.

Personal Goals For September

Keep up with the exercise. So far, so good! And my kids go back to school so I can get back to my morning walks!

Keep reading. It's important that I keep reading, as it's helping me keep my head above water and be inspired.

Knit. Keep on with this. It's good for me.

Bake more muffins. The kids are back to school and muffins are good for lunches. I should get back to baking.

4 thoughts on “September 2016 Goals”

  1. Sounds like you did great with your august goals or at least made good progress. I am looking forward to see your posts about japan, I had a lot fo fun seeing your pictures on facebook every morning.

    I hope you can finish the next daydreamer book and the short story! I am looking forward to reading them :). And I like your bake more muffins goal!

    1. I’m hoping to start baking some muffins today! I think that if I freeze them and stick them in their lunches in the morning, they’ll be defrosted by lunch. We’ll see.

      The short story is mostly done, just need to edit it. And now I’m at the half way point of Daydreamer 3 and managing 2k per day. I need to brainstorm the next few scenes today. :)

  2. Wow, congrats on doing so well with your August goals! And I’m happy to hear you had a good trip :-) And that’s great that you finally have the hang of those FB ads! I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about your trip in those posts you have planned!

    1. I’m glad I kept my expectations pretty low for my August goals! I knew it would be a busy month with me being gone and the kids finishing camp, so I’m surprised I got anything done!

      I’m looking forward to talking about my trip to Japan! It’ll be fun to relive it in blog posts.

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