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August 2016 Goals

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new month's worth of goals. We're past the mid-year mark, and summer is slipping away. Let's take a look at July's goals and then set some for August.

What Happened With July's Goals?

I launched THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER and participated in the blog tour. That all went really well and it was my most successful book launch ever!

Did the SFRB Blog Hop and kept the blog running. Both of these were strong this month.

Did NOT work on my non-fiction book. This was a big fail and I think I'm just not that interested in the material enough to write it. I write a lot of non-fiction as it is for this blog, so I don't feel like writing any more.

Did NOT write the next article for my friend. I should have done this but I got side-tracked.

I DID make some headway with Facebook ads. I spent twice my budget figuring out Facebook ads but I think I have a system now that appears to be working. I'll be testing it this month and the next so we'll see! I'm also doing Google Adwords ads as well and those are working.

I kept up with the exercising and reading, and I did a little knitting. Not bad on all those fronts!

Business Goals For August

Finish the next Daydreamer Book. I didn't work on the non-fiction during July because I am writing the next Daydreamer book instead! I would love to finish it before the end of the month.

Travel to Japan. I'll be in Japan from August 19-28. I can't wait to see sights, eat food, and drink lots of Japanese beer. :) I also plan to take lots of photos and videos, of course.

Continue working on my Facebook ads. I doubled my mailing list this month thanks to some Google ads and to Instafreebie. I will continue to work on my FB ad strategy this month!

Personal Goals For August

Keep up with the exercise. I'm doing great so let's keep it up. Runkeeper says I walked 59.7 miles in July. Let's make it 70 miles in August! I hope to keep track of my walking distance in Japan too, but we'll see.

Keep reading. I have a few books I want to read this month!

Knit. I would like to finish this shawl by the end of the month. I should push to do it!

Okay! That's it! The kids are in camp every day, and each day it's nice, we're at the pool. I was overall very positive in July and I'd love for that to keep going in August! Let's do this!