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SFR Blast – Over 40 Scifi Romance Books On Sale!

I've decided to share more sales here on the blog because I'm either involved in them or know of these sales. I figure I should spread the word about them! Everyone loves a good sale, especially me. You should see the wish list I have set up with books I'm just waiting to go on sale. Lol. So here we go!


There are so many good authors and amazing books in this promo that you don't want to miss it! Plenty of free books to get you started and 99¢ books to keep you reading through the summer. Check it out today at


3 thoughts on “SFR Blast – Over 40 Scifi Romance Books On Sale!”

  1. I already have a few of these, but will check out some of the others. I’ve been seeing these multiple author promo’s more regularly lately and it seems like a great way for authors to cross promote and for readers to find some new books.

    1. It’s been great! And I think they’ll continue because it’s really the only thing that works to widen your audience within your genre. So far so good!

  2. I too have a few of these but there are some I think I’d like. I am reading Sun Valley Moon Mountains right now that is so good! Ajax MInor is the author, his site for the book info is This is a compelling story and I recommend it!

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