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Teaser Tuesday: Sweet Sleep

For the last teaser for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER, which is out RIGHT NOW in case you missed it, is one of Mei's weakest moments in the book. She's finally made it into Yasahiro's awesome apartment. She has warmth, food, and his comfortable bed is in the next room. She has sacrificed a lot to make it to this moment in the book. And her weakness for just a little rest throws everything she's worked for right under the bus.

I could empathize with her in this moment. I have been this tired in my life, right after giving birth to my first child and in the years after my second. I could have laid down and died. Lol. So, I pulled from those memories for this point in Mei's life.


This point is also when things change between Mei and Yasahiro. I'll go into that more in Book 3, when we learn more about Yasahiro, but I hope you remember it when the time comes. :)




2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Sweet Sleep”

  1. That’s interesting your own experiences helped you write that scene. I thought it was well written with how tired Mei was. I don’t do well with little sleep, so I really felt for her and I am glad things got better after that.

    I like this teaser with how the bed seems to sign to her. And that bed in the picture sure looks comfy!

    1. I’m always drawing on personal experience to write my books. It’s a misnomer to say “write what you know” but it IS true!

      I picked this photo because the bed looked super comfy. Lol.

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