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Sunday Update – July 10, 2016

What a busy week! Even though we started off the week with a holiday (July 4th), it still felt like a really long four days. We took it easy last weekend, not really doing much but going to the pool and relaxing. On July 4th, we also went to the pool, left early, had showers, and went out to dinner. Then my husband left to catch a plane that evening to the UK. He was gone most of the week so I was on my own!

I think the week would have gone better if the weather had been better. Almost every day was REALLY HOT, and I'm fine with it hot, but every afternoon it rained, which meant no pool. Then the weather turned crappy for Saturday, cool and rainy, when we were supposed to have my youngest kid's birthday party at the pool. Sigh. We had a rain date planned for this next Saturday so fingers crossed the weather holds out.

I also had a new release! The second book of my Miso Cozy Mysteries series is out! THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER is doing well, actually. I'm getting a few sales every day and people are reading the first book of the series and moving onto the second one, which is amazing for me. When the first book of the series came out, I was bummed because sales were practically non-existent. I was holding out hope that when the second book came out, I would do better. A month or two after the first book came out, I decided I would make the first book free and hope that people would download it and try it out. This is not something I normally do. I'm not one to give away my work for free easily unless I have other books for people to buy in the series. Because HOO BOY am I in debt over my books. I have yet to make back my investment on ANYTHING I've written. Anyway, I've already given away over 13,000 copies of the first book. I'm hoping people are loving it.

I've also started working on two new projects. I'm working on a non-fiction project I hope to finish before the end of the month, and I've started plotting out the third Miso Cozy book! I'm excited about this next installment of Mei's life. It'll be the book in which she grows the most.

What else happened this week?


I'm eating a ton of salads because we're up to our eyeballs in lettuce from our CSA. I think I had a monster salad pretty much every single day this past week.


Ugh. There's construction happening next door and the contractors pulled out OUR bushes between the properties (we've had words with them) and now I have to look at it every day. If they had left the bushes there, I would have been blissfully unaware of it. My neighbor across the street heard me yelling at the contractors. Lol. I think I have a reputation now. ;)


The night before release day I was nervous and couldn't do anything. So I watched GATTACA, drank wine, and ate chocolate. As one does.


I treated myself to a decadent breakfast on release day and then went to get the oil changed in the car. Lol. Fancy!


I decided to color instead of checking my sales a million times. It was relaxing until the green pen gave out on me and then I was just frustrated and started watching TV. Lol.

This week on the blog: SFRB Blog Hop (which is live on my blog right now but hasn't started yet), one more Teaser Tuesday for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER, a Book Chat, and possibly a discussion post. Check in on social media to see posts about THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER blog tour!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – July 10, 2016”

  1. Aww, of course it would get cool and rainy the one day you wanted the heat :-/

    Congrats on the new release! Glad to hear it’s going well so far :-) From a reader standpoint, I think it’s a smart move to make the first book in a series free. I’ve found most of my favorite series that way. I wouldn’t have read the first book if it hadn’t been free, but, since it was free, I read it, and then I ended up paying for the whole rest of the series. But I can imagine how hard it must be to work SO hard on something and then just give it away. And it makes sense to not want to give it away unless you have other books in the series out already.

    But yikes, I don’t blame you for yelling at the contractors!

    Good luck with sale, and have a great week!

    1. Sorry this is a late reply! Such a busy week. Yeah, I ended up giving away over 13k copies of the book. *gulp* It was hard to do but got me lots of great reviews and people are still buying the second one, so I’ll consider it a success.

  2. That’s so exciting you’re working on two projects. Not sure if you already want to reveal it, but can i ask where the non-fiction project is about? I can’t remember if you mentioned where it was about before, so now I am curious.

    And yay I can’t wait for book 3 in the daydreamer detective series, so i hope you write it fast ;), lol. I am glad to hear the free days for the first daydreamer book went so well, although it has to be hard to give away all that work for free, hopefully some of them will enjoy the book and check out some of your other books as well.

    I can understand why you got angry at those constructors for pulling out your bushes. Why didn’t they know those were your bushes? At least you would have had a barrier against the construction.

    SFRB Blog HopI enjoyed your post as part of the SFRB blog hop :). I hope this was a good week!

    1. I’m not sure I want to reveal the non-fiction project because there’s a very real possibility I won’t end up following through on it. Lol. It may end up being blog posts like the How Not To Give A F*ck series turned out (that was also supposed to be non-fiction). We’ll see! I haven’t touched the non-fiction in a week because I’ve been working on Daydreamer 3 which seems a better bet right now.

      The construction next door has been out of control but we got a fence to put up so hopefully I won’t have to look at it much longer!

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