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Do Your Reading Habits Change In The Summer?

I saw this discussion topic a while back and saved it to Evernote, hoping I could eventually write on this topic! Now, with summer approaching swiftly, and my town pool is open on the weekends, I'm happy to talk about reading again. As crazy as this is, because most of you know that I'm a summer girl, I seem to thrive the most during winter and summer. I know, I know. How did winter become a season in which I do well? This past winter I devoted my time to writing two books in a row, and it was great for me! I would write every day and then read in the evenings before bed. I did very minimal promotion and kept to this schedule October through February. I faltered in springtime, though, falling into a depression that's been hard to climb out of. I think it was the transition from writing every day to promotion every day that killed me! It was hard. Now, summer is coming up and I'm ready to read and write again.

Do my reading habits change in the summer? Absolutely! And it all has to do with time spent at the pool. I have to be really desperate for writing time to take my computer to the pool (I've done it before and I plan to do it again this summer on especially hectic writing days) but I would definitely rather read at the pool than anything else. I get the kids all sunscreened up, pack a lot of snacks, and then park myself poolside to sit and read allllllllll day long.


I find myself doing a few things during the summer I don't do as much during the rest of the year in regards to reading.

1) I always set time aside to read every day OUTSIDE. Something about being outside and reading really appeals to me. I will happily sit out front of my house, or on the deck, and read my time away. I love the smell of the green trees and grass, the sun on my head, and the chirping of birds as I read away. This is why the pool appeals to me so much. The kids are occupied, I'm outside, and READING CALLS TO ME.


2) I exercise more outside which leads me to listening to more audiobooks. I consider audiobooks “reading” so when I'm on a walk outside, enjoying nature, and getting my exercise in, I'm usually listening to an audiobook. I have a lot of my podcasts I listen to every week, but if I'm really into my audiobook, I'll let that take precedence. This can even take precedence at the pool! My eyes get tired after looking at the computer or a book all day, and sometimes I'll just stare into space or close my eyes while listening to the audiobook. If my eyes aren't tired, I'll knit while listening too. All OUTSIDE. I hate being cooped up all winter long, so being outside during the summer is important to me!


So yeah, my reading habits do change in the summer. I find myself reading more and listening to audiobooks more, and then reading falls off drastically once the pool closes and the kids go back to school. Le Sigh. I miss it. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS SUMMER IS JUST BEGINNING! YAY! And I have lots of reading ahead of me.

Do your reading habits change in the summer? Or do they stay the same? Tell me in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Do Your Reading Habits Change In The Summer?”

  1. I wish i could sit out by the pool and read! I’m always paranoid that my kindle (or book) will get wet and I will ruin it! hahaha

    I think I do read more in the Spring/Summer because I’m not so busy at work. This year is testing that because I am super slammed right now, but. Yeah

    1. I’ve read by the pool and at the beach through two kindles and have not ruined one yet! I even spilled some water on mine once. They’re pretty sturdy. I’m more careful with my iThings.

      I’m super slammed right now too. Hoping that lets up soon for both of us!

  2. This is a good question! If I’m home, I don’t think my reading habits change that much. But if I’m traveling, it can depend a lot on where I’m going. If there’s nothing to do but sit outside and read, I need some loooong books to keep me occupied. If I’m on a plane, I need some short, punchy books that I can pick up and put down frequently. If I’m on a train or in a car I can’t read (makes me carsick) — I’m thinking of trying out audiobooks, which I don’t normally use much.

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