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June 2016 Goals

Since I seem to be a very goal-oriented person, and I've been floundering the past few months (struggling with depression and lack of motivation), I've decided that each month I'll come here to the blog and set some goals! I want to set both business and personal goals each month and then do a wrap-up at the end to see how I did. I can then roll goals I didn't achieve over into the next month or modify or delete them.

Business Goals

I need to write the novella that'll be published in December. I actually have a basic outline for this through the first act and a possible title. It's a novella for a shared-world project that I'm participating in with a lot of other authors. I'm excited about this, BUT I have also learned that I may not be very good at these group projects unless I have a book or story already written.

Launch The Nogiku Series with a new look-and-feel. I have the covers for all the Nogiku books! They just arrived in my inbox this morning. So, I must recompile all the books with the new covers, get the new covers to Lola, and change over all the images on this website for it. Due Date: June 21 (Cover reveal)

Blog ahead. I would like to have all of June and July blogged ahead by June 15th.

THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER Teasers. These all need to be done by June 6th. First Teaser Tuesday is June 7th.

THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER Blog Posts. There will be a blog tour for Daydreamer 2. I need to have blog posts written for it. Due Date: June 26

Other articles. I owe two articles to a friend for a newsletter. Due Date: June 3

Personal Goals

Exercise every day. Whether I go for a walk in the park, walk and work on the treadmill, or go to the gym, I need to exercise every day.

Stay positive. This is the hardest one. I have a new book launch coming up and a million other things happening. I need to stay positive even if it looks like things are failing. I need to follow my own advice and not give a fuck about some things.

Read a whole book. That was not written by me and also is not a beta read. I don't read for pleasure enough. THIS HAS TO CHANGE.

Okay! As you can see I have a lot to do in June! Plus the kids finish up in school and summer camp starts. But this also means that my days at the pool increase! And even though I go there to relax, I often bring my computer to get work done. I can hit all of these goals! LET'S DO THIS!

4 thoughts on “June 2016 Goals”

  1. Sometimes setting concrete goals like that can really help you feel motivated and now you can look back at the end of the month and see what you achieved!
    I love blogging ahead as when I am not ahead I go stress about my posts and that is bad for my creativity and when I am ahead I feel more creative, so I try and stay ahead always.
    And it’s fun to see the cover reveal and blog tour I am organizing for you in that list! And it’s great you also set some personal goal. It’s so important to make time for fun stuff and reading as well. Good luck with your goals and I am looking forward to see how things go at the end of the month!

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