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Sunday Update – May 22, 2016

Between the full moon and planets in retrograde, I'm not surprised I stubbed my toe and bled all over the bedroom and bathroom this morning. That's just what I expect from this time! Lol. But the good news is that the full moon is waning now and Mercury Retrograde ends tomorrow. We should be right back on track this coming week.

Lots of things happened this week. I had a regular, routine doctor checkup on Monday, hit the gym on Tuesday, and then the rest of the week was swallowed up by the end of the kitchen renovation. On Thursday, my temporary kitchen was taken down and I was without a stove and sink. So I had a salad for lunch and a bagel with peanut butter for dinner. Lol. It was a very “healthy” day. I took the kids to their annual school carnival where they ate pizza and cotton candy for dinner. I became “the best mommy on the planet” for a few hours. ;)

On Friday, a cleaning crew came, and even though there are a few more things to be done in the kitchen, WE COULD MOVE BACK IN! All afternoon, I moved food back into the kitchen refrigerator and whatever else I could carry back up the stairs. Then I took the kids to a rock climbing birthday party. We returned home to my husband and some fantastic job news for him! Can't say what it is except to say that it's AWESOME. :)

So it was quite a fun and busy week! The weather was pretty good. I got to walk outside twice and I saw goslings in the park. I didn't do any writing BUT I did finish up edits on THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER! I plan to get out ARCs this coming week. Now I have a few new projects I need to work on and I plan to get started on those this week along with planning out my teasers for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER.

What else happened this week?

Hopefully this is the last week of me doing dishes by hand. I miss my dishwasher. #kitchenremodel

My days of doing all the dishes by hand are over!

There was a scary moment today when my MacBook did not want to boot up. No clue why. I nearly had a heart attack and had Apple on the phone when it finally came back. So glad for my Time Capsule! #ig2016 #365days #dailyphoto

I had a scary moment this past week when my computer did not want to boot up. I was sweating and worried but it finally came around. I hope that never happens again.

Guys! Spring is officially here!!! #ig2016 #365days #dailyphoto #goslings

The goslings are back in the park! This is the first batch of them I've seen this year, and compared to last year, these are small. I think they all hatched later this year. Probably has to do with our colder spring.

Guess what I'm doing? Moving back into the kitchen!!! #dailyphoto #365days #ig2016 #kitchenremodel

Here I am moving into the kitchen! WOOOOOOO!!

Bad news, friends. Remember that I'm allergic to avocado and cantaloupe? Watermelon was in the same allergen family and I thought I was fine with it. But no. I am not. I am IN PAIN. WATERMELON, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME? #dailyphoto #365days #ig2016

And I found out yesterday that I'm allergic to watermelon, like I'm allergic to other melons and avocado. It was a painful afternoon and I'm really sad about this development. I love watermelon! :( :(

Coming up this week on the blog: My Love/Hate Relationship With New York City and My Top 10 Yoga Poses. Possibly something else too, we'll see!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Update – May 22, 2016”

  1. Sounds like it was a nice week, except for the stubbing your toe. I am glad to hear your kitchen renovation is finished, it looks great! Must be great to have a real kitchen again. And congrats to your husband for the good job news.

    Eep! Can’t wait to read the second daydreamer detective book. I am pretty sure I can fit it into my reading schedule pretty soon :).

    I can imagine your computer gave you a scare when it wouldn’t start up. Glad to hear it came around eventually.

    The small Goslings are so cute! And that’s sad you’re allergic to watermelon, I remember our conversation on my blog recently when you said you loved watermelon. So that must be difficult that you can’t eat it anymore. I am only allergic for penicillin as far as I know. I hope you’ll have a great week!

    1. I can’t even describe how disappointed I am about the watermelon. :( So sad. And it’s so nice to have a real kitchen again! The new kitchen feels almost too grown up for us. Lol.

  2. Wow. Such a busy week. I shuddered at the kitchen photo. I’m allergic to housework and have to have shots for it. LOL Yum Yum watermelon! My computer didn’t want to start yesterday. I forgot to charge it. Duh!

    My Sunday Post

    1. I love to organize (not so much clean) so the kitchen stuff was fine with me! It’s almost done now and I’m so glad to have a real kitchen back. I had lost a lot of my creative juices during the renovation, so I’m looking forward to getting back to writing!

  3. Wow! You had such a busy week that I don’t even know where to start with my comment! Lol

    I’m really sorry about the watermelon allergy though :-/ I’m allergic to mango, so I know how it feels to miss a fruit you used to like.

    At least your computer was ok though! That’s always terrifying. I’ve been trying to be really good about backing stuff ever since mine broke and I *almost* lost all my stuff.

    Those little goslings are so adorable! Have a great week :-)

  4. Yay for being able to use your kitchen again! *cheers* And woah that does sound like a massively packed week. Although incredible sadness about the watermelon…I loooove watermelon too. Ugh that’d be the worst.

  5. I’m allergic to lots of raw fruits and vegetables and it’s really annoying. I have to confess that sometimes I just eat them anyway – my response to them varies depending on how much my allergies are responding to other things. Sometimes I’m okay to eat them, and sometimes not. I hate not being able to eat fruit whenever I want! So far, watermelon hasn’t been added to the list, but it seems like the fruits I’m allergic to are multiplying all the time.

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