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Hello Kitty Tropical Mango Marshmallows – A Review

It's been a while since we did a review from My Asian Grocery Store! In fact, I've only done one of these and I was hoping it'd be a regular feature. But now that I'm concentrating more on my blog instead of marketing my books (which is really marketing my books anyway when you think about it), I wanted to come back to this feature!

This review is for these Hello Kitty Tropical Mango Marshmallows. It almost feels like cheating, reviewing these marshmallows, because as you can image, they are really, really tasty.


These Kiwa brand marshmallows come in several different flavors, and you can find them on Amazon if you want to try them yourself. First, they are light and fluffy, very fresh. Springy if held between your fingers. I love mango and I love marshmallows (something I went without for ten years when I was a strict vegetarian), so I knew this would be a winner.


As you can imagine, my kids thought these were pretty awesome too. I very rarely let them have sweets (they go nuts on sugar and then crash, it's not pretty) so they were ultra excited to try these out. I was wondering what they would think of the mango flavor, so I held my breath as they took bites.


These were a resounding success! The oldest child proclaimed them yummy right away, and the youngest, the pickiest of picky eaters and doesn't like mango, really liked these too. So I have sealed up the bag and am saving them for really great days when we deserve a treat. I bought another flavor of these marshmallows I want to review later this month, and I'm skeptical if my kids will like them too. We'll see!

Rating: 5 stars!

2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tropical Mango Marshmallows – A Review”

  1. I like how you want to focus on your blog and help it to market your book. And I am looking forward to see this become a more recurring feature. I always like to try out new products when I am visiting an Asian grocery store. I like mango! Marshmallows only in moderation as I can get nauseous from them sometimes. But I would love to give these a try as they sound yummy and it looks interesting how these have filling inside of them. Might have to look next time when we’re at an Asian grocery store if they sell these. What’s the other flavour you got? I hope it’s just as good as this one!

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